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Hello, Hunters! Welcome back to another weekly weapon thread.

Disclaimer, I don't know the meta for a lot of weapons because I don't normally follow any metas. This doesn't focus on how to build the weapon but that certainly can be found in the comments.

Dual Blades

Have you ever been swinging around your SNS and thought to yourself, "Why do I need this shield it isn't doing anything, I need another sword!?". Well, the Dual Blades will answer that question quickly. Slice and Dice with your only defense being your ability to avoid damage. The dual blades are offensive and take no prisoners.


Dual Blades have a strange beginning. Technically a Gen 1 weapon, yes but they only appeared in the later versions (Outside of Japan) of Monster Hunter on PS2. They also were an upgrade from a sword and shield on the weapon tree. Despite it being late to the party, it's been a mainstay since (except Tri, why try why so many fewer weapons!).

Key Mechanics

These are the basics to understanding the Dual Blades that helps drive the weapon.

  • Short Hops – when drawn your dodge becomes a quick hop. While a smaller dodge sounds bad, it's not. Given you know where you need to land and stay on your feet when doing so allows you to charge right back in for another flurry of hits. The defensive measures still feed the offensive.

  • Demon Mode – This is a mode that can be switched on that gives you access to bigger combos with more damage. The cost is Stamina over time. In this mode with increased combos, you start charging a meter. This meter allows you to keep doing the demon mode combos after it has finished but w/o the cost of stamina

Changes from past iterations

  • Spinning Death – While all weapons have improved mounting attacks and especially different attacks from a slope. The dual blades have an exceptional and stylish attack. When executed the dual blades "roll" the length of the monster slashing everything along the way. This lands many hits and the bigger the monster the more hits.


Arekkz Tutorial

Gaijin Hunter Tutorial

Reddit's own Written Guides

Other Threads

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Please share your tips, strategies, experiences anything you'd like about the Dual Blades below

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