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MHWorld Greatsword Megathread

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Hello, Hunters! Spring fest is still going strong, how many tempered Jhos can we really kill?!

Usual Disclaimer here, my experience with Greatsword is mostly steeped in the older games. It's been since the original game that I've mained the weapon and have little info on how to build it, just play it.


You ever look an impossibly large sword and say "YES! I wanted to swing a 1-ton blade into a Rathalos skull this whole time!"? Well, Greatsword is where it's at. This massive blade exudes one thing…


With careful timing, precision, and even a bit of luck you'll be making gifs of the sweetest kills ALL DAY.


Arguably the most iconic weapon of the whole series is the Greatsword. From the "buster blade" steeped in final fantasy nods to the iconic jaw blade this massive sword has been swinging in since day one. Over the years the style of play has become more varied and about timing, whereas it used to be a pure almost hit an run till it's down in the original game. The powerhouse of a sword is a staple of the series, always has been and probably always will be.

Key Mechanics

These are the basics to understanding the Great Sword that helps drive the weapon.

  • Powerful Charging – The Triangle (Y) attack can be held in to charge up an attack for greater power. This attack leaves you vulnerable while charging but with expert positioning and timing, you'll be crushing parts and monsters. Most charges have 3 levels and if you release the button right after the final level you'll maximize damage, if you hold it until the move unleashes on its own it will downgrade to the previous level, so pay attention.

  • Deliberate Movement and Blocking – Greatsword, when unsheathed, is one of the least maneuverable weapons only above the lances. This drives ample use of dodging for positioning, sheathing to run, and blocking. While the greatsword can block it does take a fair amount of sharpness away and is advised against if possible.

Changes from past iterations

  • Because Front Flips are awesome! – With recent versions of the series Greatsword has started to get more and more comboed charge attacks. Now there is a new final charge level that actually ends in 2 huge attacks. This level occurs after the "crouching charge" and in style looks closer to the original standing charge. This charge level only has 2 levels so beware charging it too much. Once unleashed it has a tremendous amount of damage that is followed up by a forward moving front flip for the 2nd hit with even more power.

  • Should Ram – A new armored shoulder ram move has been added that can be executed as an escape from charging or right after a roll for better positioning or going straight into the "crouching charge". This move has made more opportunities to charge up attacks than in previous games and quicker ways to those stronger charges.


Arekkz tutorial

Gaijin Hunter's guide pending

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Please share your tips, strategies, experiences anything you'd like about the Great Sword below

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