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Hello, Hunters! Been slaying Nergigante to get that sweet High-Rank Ryu armor?

Disclaimer, I don't know the meta for a lot of weapons because I don't normally follow any metas. This doesn't focus on how to build the weapon but that certainly can be found in the comments.


Welcome to the wonderful world of slapping a gun on an already deadly weapon. The gunlance is both a gun and a lance but the sum is greater than the parts as guns normally don't have attacks like wyvern fire and exploding injectable shrapnel.


The Gunlance first appeared in the 2nd generation of Monster Hunter but wasn't first heard of there. The Undertaker Lance (comes from a ruststone) alludes to the existence of ancient technologies lost and the lance was incomplete. This becomes the gunlance with that tech found. Gunlance has changed a lot in recent games from the heat gauge to the rework in Monster Hunter World this weapon can be complicated.

Key Mechanics

These are the basics to understanding the Gunlance that helps drive the weapon.

  • Big Sheild for High Guard – The Gunlance like the lance has a tower shield, or a full body sized shield to explain. This shield is in the top tier of guarding just like the lance. This can be helpful defensively but don't rely on it too much, you still need to attack.

  • Shelling – The gun part of the lance is defined by Shells. Basically, you have an unlimited ammo in clips and you need to reload the clips. There are 2 ways to expend clips, single shots and a full burst which fires all at once. These shells do true damage just like a barrel bomb and can go through the toughest armors. Gunlances have 3 shell types, Long, Normal, and Wide. These types change the shelling and how many are in a clip, keep which shot you like in mind when crafting.

  • Combo Weapon – No I don't mean because it's a combo of lance and gunning, it's the style. The Lance is more of a weapon about executing a combo than striking when the opportunity allows it like a lance. There's a cadence to how the weapon operates and while the moves can be interchanged. Think of the weapon as an offensive weapon with a large guard shield as a safety net.

  • Wyvern Fire – This is a large explosive attack with a cool down. Separate from shells the weapon emits a blowtorch like an effect before exploding doing massive damage. It's important to note that while this attack is strong it's ill-advised to use this on a sleeping monster as the damage comes from multiple "hits" and is not a single large blast.

Changes from past iterations

  • Exploding Spike – A new single "bullet" or spike as I call it is now in every gunlance. When used during combat the spike is stabbed into the monsters and a fuse is lit. This spike then explodes after a time doing a fair amount of damage. The initial stab is cutting damage and the blast is like a barrel bomb.

  • No more Heat Gauge – Only in Generations and now Generations U the lance had a "heat gauge" that essentially represented the lance being heated up by shelling. This gauge increased or decreased your damage based on where your heat level was. This is a lot of explanation to simply say it's gone. This is considered a good thing to most as it most often resulted in a decrease of damage.


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Please share your tips, strategies, experiences anything you'd like about the Gunlance below

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