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Hello, Hunters! Been Stuck in the Rotten Vale? Smash your way out!

Usual Disclaimer here, from MHF2 through MH3U (5 titles) I was exclusively a hammer main. I know how to play the weapon (for the most part) but any sort of build will not be something I'm privy to.


The King of KO the epitome of simplicity in power the Hammer. This weapon is not for the weak of the heart where you dance inside the attacks of your foe and unleash unbridled power. With no defensive options aside from only to avoid attacks, the Hammer trades defense for raw power. If you like smashing skulls you'll love the hammer


Little aside from the changes that come with each generation has touched on the hammer's abilities. The hammer is designed to be simple and has been that way since Monster Hunter on Ps2. While charges and charge levels have been tweaked with each generation the idea is the same, hit the head.

Key Mechanics

These are the basics to understanding the Hammer that helps drive the weapon.

  • High KO – Despite it being wise not to stand in front of any monster, this is where the Hammer shines or smashes. KO damage will eventually Knock Out the monster and any attack that lands on the head will get you closer to free hits. Hit it hard.

  • Charge Levels – The hammer can store power by charging up attacks while moving. With a variety of options for each of the 3 charge levels, each with better damage and stun values, you can tactically plan your hits for when the opportunity arises.

  • Golfing is FUN – when you're using a Bone Wedge the size of a horse to blast monsters. The bread and butter of the hammer is the golf swing which appears at the end of the (triangle or Y) combo. While needing time and good placement to land this attack is what you'll be doing the most damage with GENERALLY


Changes from past iterations

  • Charge it again! – While charging up or hammer with the (RT or R2) you can press (circle or B) to enter a 2nd tier of charging. This second tier has even more KO and Damage with each of its own 3 levels but can come with increased animation time, requiring more precise or careful timing.

  • Super Turbo SPIN – Wile every weapon has gained some attack from launching off of a slope the Hammer is a notable one that not only deals mounting damage as the rest but is many hits and with high damage. Ever see a hunter spin like sonic off a hill? That's what this is.

  • Incrementally Smashing! – Previously the (circle or B) button used to be a simple side swing that would do little damage but was quick and a great shortcut into the golf swing. Now it's been replaced with a quick overhead attack that increases in damage and effectiveness with each successive hit. This will eventually end in an earthshattering combo that will make most monsters into a paste (OK it does a lot obviously it's not some 1 shot). Beware missing though as it has a long animation to punish a miss.


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Please share your tips, strategies, experiences anything you'd like about the Hammer below

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