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Hello, Hunters! Sorry for the Hiatus I took a Holiday

Disclaimer, I don't know the meta for a lot of weapons because I don't normally follow any metas. This doesn't focus on how to build the weapon but that certainly can be found in the comments.

Heavy Bowgun

Do you want to carry a dragonator around? Well, you can't but this is the next best thing. These portable cannons pack a punch at a range. With new and improved features this bowgun will take down your foes with ease.


Since the beginning of Monster Hunter, even in the original intro and promotional material, the Heavy Bowgun has existed. Sacrificing speed for more power in a bowgun allows this weapon to work wonders. Over the years more mechanics have been added since I first started using them in the original games. Now with the massive Bow gun improvements, this beast can shine.

Key Mechanics

These are the basics to understanding the Heavy Bowgun that helps drive the weapon.

  • Low Mobility High Power – Much like the light bowgun you are at a range and can continue to attack in a group more than melee weapons usually. As long as you learn a fight well enough to keep safe you can continue to blast away at the monster till it drops. The increased damage overall helps but with more damaging ammo types usually at your disposal this makes the Heavy Bowgun powerful indeed.

  • Ammo and Crafting – Ammo is needed to fire the bowgun and while normal lvl 1 is usually available you might as well load your slinger with stones if you want to use that. Ammo can be purchased but also with the new auto-combing and ease of finding/picking up materials ammo can be made easily on the fly. Be sure to check what ammo your bowgun can use and how well it can use it (there's a special menu when looking at the equipment screen detailing the ammo used that shows reload, recoil and other useful information)

Changes from past iterations

  • New Special Attacks – Previously there was a special attack in a siege mode that allowed you to do a rapid fire like state for ammo. This has been replaced by a rapid machine gun like fire and an explosive piercing shot. Both attacks are highly damaging and on a cooldown just like Gunlance. The piercing shot is great at part breaking but make sure to hit the monster lengthwise it will be more effective. The machine gun is a little inaccurate but managed well can really hurt a monster and stumble it more than once.


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Please share your tips, strategies, experiences anything you'd like about the Heavy Bowgun below

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