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[MHWorld] How does armor/armor skills/charms work now? (+Side Question)

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Sorry for the many questions. I seem to be having a bit of trouble in World, at least in terms of gear. I personally dislike the way the weapons were done now. Don't get me wrong, I like how I can now sorta know what weapons come from what with the new tree system, but at the same time, I dislike how I can't make a particular monster's weapon from scratch, and instead have to blow unnecessary resources to get to the actual weapon. But enough of that. I'm having more problems with armor currently. How exactly does armor work? Please note that I've played MH4U and MHGen, so I have had some prior experience and practice. And it's because of this, that I don't get the armor in World. First of all, Blademaster/Gunner armor is now out. Not really a huge problem for me, so moving on. A glaring change I did notice, however, is the absence of S/U and X/Z armor. Instead, there's the new Alpha and Beta armors, which I don't understand. What's their differences?

On top of that, I also don't get the armor skills. Granted, I'm still very early on in the game so far, with nothing but white-rarity armors, so I haven't exactly dabbled in it yet. But it just feels different. Maybe it's the way it's presented, so I guess I'll give this one a pass until I study it more thoroughly…


And finally, the Charms. What happened to Talismans? I don't know how I feel quite yet about these new "charms" yet. How do you get them? Are they as grindy as before with Talismans? Would you say they're better? So many questions.

Sorry about all the questions. This game is just…quite different to past iterations, to say the least, haha. But if you all will listen to me once more, I have one more question… I understand that Scout Fly levels, rather annoyingly, degrade over time when you don't fight their respective monsters. But I was curious if once you reach each level, for example, tracking level 2 on Anjanath, does that prevent the degradation past level 2, or will it decay until you bring it back up, or it hits zero? I hope it's not the latter. I'd hate to inspect and collect every crack and piece of shit all over again. I'd like to earn my levels, and have them stay there…

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