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MHWorld Insect Glaive Megathread

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Hello, Hunters! Kulve Taroth is here and she's beautiful, now let's smack her with some bugs.

Disclaimer here, I'm not an experienced Insect Glaive user and couldn't tell you what a good Insect Glaive would be. However, I can play the weapon just fine, just not build for it.

Insect Glaive

Have you ever wanted to be Darth Maul with a 2-foot long bug clinging to your arm? No? Well, you might change your mind after playing the mighty bouncing and flying Insect Glaive. Fly high, get extracts and take your essence to victory.


Introduced in Generation 4 the Insect Glaive is one of the newest weapons and really emphasizes verticle combat introduced at the time. With the vaults and easy mounting, this quickly became a popular weapon. While it was complicated to use with the buffs this weapon shines when used correctly.

Key Mechanics

These are the basics to understanding the Insect Glaive that helps drive the weapon.

  • Pole Vault – Hold the R2 (Right Trigger) and press X (A) and you'll launch into the air. From there you can use attacks that can result in a mount or just simply use it as a defensive dodge, up.

  • Bugs are Friends – With every Insect Glaive, there is a bug, a 2 foot long beetle on your arm. Now before you go EEEEEEWWWWWW it's your friend and actually very helpful. You can send it out by holding R2 (RT) then pressing Triangle (X) and bring it back, still holding R2, with Circle (B). There are 2 reasons for doing this, 1 the bug can do damage, which depending on the bug type is cutting or bludgeoning, and can extract some essence from a monster. This essence can provide a speed, defensive, or offensive buff.

  • ALL BUFFS ALL POWER – Once all 3 buffs are active you go into a sort of super state that is really where you want to be playing the weapon. The sum better than the parts, it's beneficial to keep this super buff up as much as possible.


Changes from past iterations

  • Air Dash! – While in the air you can now perform an air dash by pressing Circle (B). This will launch you in the direction your holding in the air for quick directional corrections or just a boost further along. If you land on the monster in this fashion you will bounce up and are able to act again as if you had just vaulted. Keep in mind though this costs stamina and you can find yourself in dire straights when spending it all.

  • Better Aim Better Buffs – While it's not new to be able to mark the monster it is important to note that with the addition of a Right Stick this is much easier to do. The same with aiming the bug. Simply put Right Stick makes the Insect Glaive so much easier to use.

  • Crafting Bugs Separately – While not exactly NEW it is new for hunters outside of Japan. Introduced in MHXX and continued now is the ability to manage and craft Kinsects (your bug) separately from the Insect Glaives themselves. This also allows you to mix and match all you want now too. It's the equivalent of mix matching SNS swords with shields…. that would be a cool idea…


<Arekkz tutorial>(pending)

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Please share your tips, strategies, experiences anything you'd like about the Insect Glaive below

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