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Hello, Hunters! Been enjoying the Spring Festival? Don't poke around in town too much though 😉

Usual Disclaimer here, my experience with the lance is fleeting. I know how to play it but never got into things such as evade lancing. Also, don't know what to build for it.


Do you need defense? Check. Do you want to charge into the fight like a mad hunter? Check. Do you want to stab something to death? Might want to talk to someone about that but indeed Check. The lance is the weapon for you! Superior defense with fantastic reach you'll be poking wyvern eyes out left and right.


The lance seems it will never be as popular as when it first debuted in the original Monster Hunter. Most everyone who farmed pl8s (shorthand used in those text-only communication days of Monster Hunter) had a lance and was decent enough to use it. Headlocking was the king strategy, hit the monster in the head so many times that it flinched continuously while your friends cut the poor Rathalos tail off. With each game, it seems the weapon gets used less despite gaining tools such as counters and mounting jumps.

Key Mechanics

These are the basics to understanding the Lance that helps drive the weapon.

  • High Guard – With the huge shield the Lance has the best guard available to a weapon. Even though it can still be enhanced guarding with the lance is the primary defense for the weapon.

  • DA DA DA DAAAA DAA DAAAAAAA CHARGE – The lance can be used in a charge attack that moves faster than running speed. This attack can be very damaging and a great not only attack but gap closer. The charge can be stopped by attacking doing a fair amount of damage or even with a jumping attack making lance one of the few weapons that don't need a ledge to mount.

  • Right back at ya – The lance can counter an attack with a large amount of returned damage. The counter is a guard that when the monster hits the hunter returns the attack in kind but with more power. Once utilized at appropriate times you can punish a monster to death if you wish.

Changes from past iterations

  • MUST GO FASTER – Now while charging with some distance you will start to pick up speed and damage as a result. This also makes for one of the fastest ways to travel outside of using the fast travel. With new movement options during a charge this unstoppable attack (if you have the stamina) can chase down a feeling monster better than any other.

  • More combo attacks – not super useful but you can now swipe with your lance during a combo, situational at best.


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Please share your tips, strategies, experiences anything you'd like about the Hammer below

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