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Hello, Hunters! Today I'm kicking off the new Megathreads for Monster Hunter World! To those of you unfamiliar with how this works each week we post a weapon for discussion, vids, tips, and just all around sharing about a weapon. So feel free to share about this week's weapon, without further ado…


Currently the most popular weapon in Monster Hunter. Great reach decent speed and with the respectable damage it's no wonder hunters are tripping over themselves to get next to you. So grab your Eager Cleavers and get to chopping tails and splitting helms!


The Longsword was a weapon that didn't appear until the 2nd generation (MHDos, MHF2, MHFU) but was hidden in the Greatsword. Originally the Eager Cleaver (an iconic entry in the longswords) started as a Greatsword but eventually, the Longsword became its own weapon that sacrificed blocking for fade slashing and power for speed.

Key Mechanics

These are the basics to understanding the longsword that helps drive the weapon.

  • Spirit Gauge – this is the bar that fills up when attacking with the longsword. This allows you to use the "Spirit Combo" and Level Up the spirit gauge which can be seen by the gauge glowing. Starting with no color then leveling up to white, yellow then finally red. Each level increases your attack further. The levels can decrease over time so it's important to keep using your spirit combos to refresh your levels or go upwards.

  • Fade Slash – This is an attack that acts also as a dodge but with no invincibility frames. This can be enhanced with evade extender making for an offensive-defensive move.


Changes from past iterations

Monster Hunter World introduced changes that are worth noting

  • Helm Splitter – This is a powerful attack that starts with a forward advancing stab. If the stab lands the hunter then vaults up into the air with minor control of direction and slashes downwards for a lot of damage if it hits. The slash causes about dozen "hits" and they can be powerful if landed correctly. Paired with a high spirit gauge this can cause massive damage. This costs one spirit level if the downward slash occurs (even if it misses or you are knocked out of it) but rewards with a natural generation on the spirit gauge instead of decreasing.

  • Foresight Slash – The hunter can counter an attack to avoid damage. This counter rushes the hunter backward, if an attack lands on the hunter they rush back in for a follow-up attack. This costs all spirit gauge (not levels) to perform but if the counter attack lands it is instantly filled. If at 0 gauge this is a 0 cost for all gain. Also if the hunter uses the spirit combo after immediately landing the counter-attack the final spirit slash is performed and can level up the spirit gauge.


Gaijin Hunter's tutorial>(currently unavailable)

Reddit's own Written Guides


Please share your tips, strategies, experiences anything you'd like about the longsword below

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