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MHWorld PC | Don’t expect SFV and USJ Updates anytime soon

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Today CAPCOM released the latest patch update for the PC Steam version of MHWorld.

TL;DR All other events including Behemoth have data present in the game’s files after the update except SFV and USJ specifically.

At 2.0 GB in size this update includes all of the content featured in the Autumn Harvest Festival. As such I was able to explore some of the contents that were added to the patch, notably the addition of 2 new Guildcard backgrounds, pertaining to the Summer and Autumn festivals respectively.

Alongside the actual Guildcard images, the text file containing the titles and requirements to obtain these Guildcards was also updated. The notable addition besides the two guildcards I mentioned above is the title and requirement for Behemoth’s Eorzea Guildcard, although the actual background is NOT part of the patch.

This text file since the game’s launch has included titles and requirements for events that haven’t actually happened yet (or hadn’t yet when I got to them such as the Deviljho background, or even Lunastra and Kulve Taroth’s).


Missing since launch has been the USJ and Street Fighter V background title and requirements, even though Devil May Cry and MegaMan data IS present.

With the removal of USJ equipment from MHGU in the West, I have little to no reason to believe CAPCOM got USJ licensing sorted for World’s PC release.

Also, with the latest update not including any backgrounds besides the two festivals, I also don’t expect Kulve Taroth to be available on PC soon unless they release another update patch right after the Festival is over.

I’ll provide the relevant files as proof as soon as I am back at my computer.

Edit: Google Drive link with the two backgrounds added, the source .gmd file containing text data, and the gmdDump program executable used to convert .gmd to .txt:–HTr97BetR_CBy9OMJ0R

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