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MHWorld Switch Axe Megathread

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Hello, Hunters! Our final but a Reddit favorite weapon the Switch Axe! (also maybe new MHW news tonight 😉 )

Disclaimer, I don't know the meta for a lot of weapons because I don't normally follow any metas. This doesn't focus on how to build the weapon but that certainly can be found in the comments.

Switch Axe

Is there a weapon you've been yearning for? Is it an ax? Or a sword? Well, have I got news for you! It's BOTH.


The Switch Ax was the first morphing weapon when it debuted in Monster Hunter Tri. This mechanic has been used again in the Charge Blade since and both weapons have their following. The Switch Ax is a strong weapon that has kept it fairly popular.

Key Mechanics

These are the basics to understanding the Switch Ax that helps drive the weapon.

  • Phials – Similar to the previously discussed Charge Blade the Switch Ax has phials that store energy. While in Ax mode these charge up as indicated by a bar near the health and sharpness. When in sword mode these phials are expended. Phials are determined by the weapon and can be seen when crafting. Power, Exhaust and other phials change the type of damage dealt by the sword's blasts.

  • Switching – As previously mentioned you can switch between sword and ax.

  • Burst – At the end of combos in sword mode you can expend a large amount of phial energy to do a strong burst that can do massive damage although it takes time.

Changes from past iterations

  • New Impaling Burst – This is a full burst with a twist. Now the hunter latches onto the monster and stables the Switch Ax into the monster. They then proceed to full burst the blade dealing massive damage and flying off using the sword to stop sliding further away. It's important to note that this is not counting as mounting or mounting damage.


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Other Threads

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Please share your tips, strategies, experiences anything you'd like about the Switch Ax below

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