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Hello, Hunters! Last week to hunt Kulve, also how about that sweet Dante gear? 😉

Disclaimer, I don't know how properly build SNS I just used my usual set that kinda fits a lot of builds.

Sword and Sheild

Do you like using a shield but don't like walking in mud? Do you want the shield to always be ready even when chugging potions like a marathon runner? Have no fear the sword and shield has got you covered. With speed, defense, and elemental prowess you'll dodge, block, and hack your way to victory.


One of the weapons that have been with Monster Hunter since its inception is the sword and shield. This weapon used to be the starter weapon. With no other weapon options to choose from at the new game start, in the earliest titles, it kept that moniker for a long time. Today the sword and shield is an elemental powerhouse that is also a fun support weapon to boot. Don't count that sword and shield out, they might just bash that monster silly before you take your second swing!

Key Mechanics

These are the basics to understanding the Sword and Sheild that helps drive the weapon.

  • High Mobility – Many weapons become very slow once drawn, and while you can't run there's no hindrance to speed with the weapon drawn. This also makes rolls quick and positioning easier without needing to roll.

  • Defense in all Options – while dodging will always be optimal the sword and shield possess great escape plans. On top of the high mobility, a jump back attack when timed well can serve as a quick dodge to follow up with a powerful attack. Then when you know you won't make it, there's a trusty shield to mitigate the damage.

  • Item Usage – The only weapon that doesn't need to sheath when using items make this a quick option to do use many items and still keep ready. Not having those few animations of item usage really speeds up the process. This has led to many support builds utilizing wide range as the SNS can react with an item quicker than any other weapon.

  • Cutting and Bashing – while the SNS isn't going to out KO any other weapon it can KO decently enough, one of the few weapons that deal in both damage types gives you a versatility that allows you to do maximum potential in many more situations than other weapons. This weapon is great for filling the gap if too many hunters are focused on one area.

Changes from past iterations

  • Slingers AWAY – Along with Items the SNS is also able to use the slinger with no need of putting your weapon away. This makes flashing a Teostra about to Nova Blast a cinch.

  • More combos more options – Most weapons have gotten more combos but sword and shield seem to have benefited the most in flow from the weapon changes. The seamless transitions between attacks allow you to keep attacking much longer than in previous versions of the game.

  • Sheild Bash from the Heavens – While knocking a monster silly with your shield isn't new, it's never been so stylish. Similar to the Helm Breaker from the Longsword in animation, a vault upward with a powerful downward attack makes this powerful strike stylish.


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Please share your tips, strategies, experiences anything you'd like about the Sword and Sheild below

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