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I've played every single Monster Hunter game, and I call it my favorite game franchise for good reason. I've poured countless hours into every game and never regretted a single one. I love the combat, the monsters, the world it's built, and this franchise can be contributed to my love of the Low Fantasy genre. I love the grind, learning a monster, the variety of weapons and armor. I've never gotten bored with a Monster Hunter game, until now. I recently decided to play through MHWorld with another character and unlike other MH games where I enjoy playing through again, I find doing it in World a chore.

Now a few factors contribute to this, first and foremost the lack of monsters, compared to GenU or even 4U, World's cast of monsters is almost laughably small. Although I do enjoy the designs on quite a few of the new monsters, and I find a Nergigante fight always enjoyable, just the lack of them is a bit disappointing. Then there's the weapons and armor. A staple of Monster Hunter is the Weapon and Armor Variety, one of my favorite things when playing through an MH game is seeing the armor and sword designs of a new beastie I butchered. Why are most of the weapons just the base design with a tuft of fur taped on (minus of coarse returning monsters weapons) Armor gets a semi pass and can be pretty unique.


Normally I could overlook a lot of this, it is a new generation and a completely new engine, but there is one factor that I cannot overlook no matter what. The game is easy. That's right, I'm gonna complain about how this game is to easy. So let me explain, let's travel back to 4U's release. I got kicked up and down the garden path the moment I got to high rank, I grit my teeth and persevered memorizing the move set of nearly every monster until I claimed nature as my b***h. I barely bat an eye while playing through World. I solo first tried every single fight and carted maybe twice the whole main plot. You might think "wow, that's really great" when no, I found it a chore. I play Monster Hunter so I can sink my teeth into a nice meaty challenge and actually feel good about cracking open a Wyvern's skull, and stand atop it's corpse as a conquerer. Not to lazily walk through the main plot intentionally taking hits to maybe make the game a bit more challenging. I slaughtered nearly everything in World on my first try, (except Extreme Behemoth, he took me and my sister 3 tries to beat)

Now I don't hate world, It looks amazing, the monster designs are pretty good and it brought Monster Hunter the respect and acclaim this series deserves. I'm just disappointed, Less Monsters, Less armor and weapons, Less challenge, Less I'll forget about it and play GenU.

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