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[MHXX] Compiled Motion Value List

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Admittedly should have made this a while ago when I made my compendium post. My excuse is trying to sort out conflicting info and just didn't think to make this list until recently (Not a good excuse per se but the one I'm going with). I had to settle on reporting some motion values with a regular and unofficial testing values. Also, I only had one source for beast prowler motion values since I couldn't find more elsewhere.

Lastly, even after double checking a bunch of motion values, I could not find any info from brave arc shots for bow besides how much hits they do.



  • Kuroyonhon for a lot of the main values.
  • Gamy as a double check sometimes
  • Famitsu Guidebook for hunter arts mainly.
  • Kiranico Hunter Art page for hunter art charge rates
  • Mizumi from Monster Hunter Gathering Hall Discord as he tested a lot of the motion values himself (no link because I didn't talk to him about whether I could share his work but he did let me look at it). Some of the unofficial values come from him (including beast prowler motion values).
  • Old MHGen Gamefaqs Post since a lot of motion values were unchanged from gen to xx which made for easy copy pasta at times.

Shout outs to Vandreydra from the Global Monster Hunter Network Discord for helping me with some translations (I'm not that good at translating in all honesty but I have a good idea which moves jpn sources were talking about based on loose google/bing translations).


MHXX Trump Card Effects based on this gen post

My discord is Jeck95#4374

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