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MHXX launch player – My take on the release

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Seeing as though I've poured a good 500 hours into MHXX and done just about everything I wanted to do, I thought I'd put up some opinions of the release of MHGU and let newer players (World newcomers etc.) know what they're in for.

MHGU is the western version of MHXX, as most of you know. MHXX was hailed for having an absolute ton of content and being a brilliant end-of-generation MH game, the generation which began with MH4. MHX was more of a spin-off created by the B-team behind Monster Hunter, who often delve into the stop-gap entries in the series while the main team work on the next iteration, in this case they had to almost entirely recreate the game for MHW due to all of the changes made.

Monster Hunter XX is a phenomenal Monster Hunter game, and expands on the progress of the 4th generation of games in a highly customisable and varied way. Many monsters from previous games return and while there are few true newcomers in XX compared to World or Tri, the deviants and sheer amount of old monsters make up for it.

I'm just going to go ahead and state that MHXX is difficult, but don't get ahead of yourself. I farmed Deviant Diablos with my girlfriend and yes, he can two shot you, but G5 Deviant Diablos is still doable fairly easily in 5-10 minutes with a decent team. I'm seeing people hyping up GU BECAUSE of the difficulty of World remaining in high-rank, but take your nostalgia glasses off because no deviant in MHGU will be much harder than tempered Deviljho. This is good news for newer players who may be put off by the hype surrounding difficulty.

One big thing to remember if you're jumping in with World as your only Monster Hunter experience is the steps back you have to accept when it comes to the armour skill system and general quality of life. There are a lot of things that have been refined to perfection in MHW by a team that worked for many years to make it happen, so stepping back into a world where monsters don't attack each other and just pile on the player, or flexing after every potion will probably bring frustration, BUT STICK WITH IT. It's worth it for THE definitive portable MH game.


I think Capcom made a wise decision going for the release of MHGU when MHW is hitting a point of stagnation for players, as well as in time with the hugely increased popularity of the series, but expect criticism for a lot of the older mechanics and try to help people get over these older nuances of the series. Chances are a couple of months after MHGU has released and people have hit end-game, we'll get more big announcement for World and be nearing an eventual G-Rank. New generations always take some time to take off.

If you never played Generations, styles were kind of a way to expand on the action elements of the game. Because MHW has so much movement based attacks it didn't really need it, but MHGU has a lot of flat arena-type fields solely with the purpose of fighting the monster, and the monster AI is far more limited that it is in World. It borders more on hack-and-slash, especially with certain styles.

Speaking of styles, if you find it tricky at first with the slower standard style that you're used to in World, try picking up Adept or Brave style. Adept allows for action/spectacle fighter dodges into attacks, and brave is by far the strongest style in the game for the majority of weapons with very little in the way of downsides. It's fun though.

On top of all of this I have to disagree with a lot of the comments I'm seeing from self-proclaimed "Vets" on the release of MHGU and how "It's a true MH game and MHW is casualised". Where would I even begin? MHW is the developers vision of Monster Hunter brought to life, and it will eventually reach a point in which it matches the content of MHGU. Chill out on the hype, enjoy the game when it released, player it for thousands of hours which could easily be managed with the amount of content, and celebrate the current golden age of MH.

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