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Milla Jovovich ‘silences trolls’ that have been criticizing the upcoming movie.

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Milla Jovovich ‘silences trolls’ that have been criticizing the upcoming movie.


What a joke. They think that having a slinger and a couple weapons means the premise of this movie isn’t still terrible? No one wants to see a military squad put in the world of monster hunter regardless of whether or not they use monster hunter weapons. We want a movie about hunters in the world of monster hunter not some regular people going through a portal and magically becoming hunters. Think about it like this, if they’re just going to abandon their military stuff in favor of hunters gear and likely need to receive hunter training anyways, what is the actual fu*king point of having them be military in the first place? It’s unnecessary for there to be a ‘real world’ tie in at all. Hell you could even give us a story about MH villagers training to become hunters if you really want some gearing up and training scenes. The only reason it’s ‘real world’ people as the main characters is because the writers couldn’t come up with a natural way to explain the world of MH and so they needed a plot device for the main characters to be fish out of water so that boring, lazy exposition can be ‘justifiable’.


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