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Mini-Guide: Unlocking Botanical Research Center Upgrades

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Hey guys, after unlocking all the stuff for both me and the person I play with, I think I got some more insight into what triggers the specific delivery quests for the BRC(Botanical research center).

The information was all over reddit and google so I decided to compile it in a single post in the hopes of helping confused souls like me. The essence of the unlocking is that you have to get the research level of specific monsters up(I believe to at least research level 4). Wiki clearly shows what quests needs to be done but he main thing that has been confusing me is when and how to unlock the specific quests.

I've only recorded the later upgrades because I think the ones before are unlocked naturally by progressing through the story.

Without further ado;

UpgradeQuestWhenQuest unlock process
2nd culture slotOptional: Persistent PestsAfter you leave the rotten vale for the first timeQuestgiver should be in Astera
Mega FertilizerDelivery: Grow, Greenery, GrowAfter you unlock HR questsGet Great Jagras to research level 4
Choice Mushroom SubstrateDelivery: A mountain of mushroomsAfter you unlock HR questsComplete 6* quest "A Crown of Mud and Anger". The unlock is probably actually tied to getting Barroth's research level up but you never know. Another thing you might have to do is gather the spirit shroom from the ancient forest from "unique mushroom colonies" during an upsurge. This is unconfirmed since it didn't actually unlock the delivery quest until we killed the Barroth.
Thick Summoner JellyDelivery: The Pied Bug PiperAfter you unlock HR questsGet Tzitzi-Ya-Ku to research level 4
3rd culture slotOptional: Talons of Ire and IceAfter you've visited the Elder's Recess for the first timePretty straight-forward, just complete the quest.
Ancient CatalystDelivery: Shattering the Grass CeilingAfter you've visited the Elder's Recess for the first timeGet Rathian to research level 4
Soft SoilDelivery: A Gentle Earthen BedAfter you've visited the Elder's Recess for the first timeAfter you've completed all the previous quests for the BRC

A small disclaimer: Some of the information might not be 100% accurate but these steps are what finally unlocked delivery quests for us. If I made any mistakes, missed anything, or if there are better resources that document the unlocks, please let everyone know in the comments.


Sources used:

Gamerguides –> Huge shoutout to whoever wrote this guide. Very complete walkthrough. I only skimmed it but it seemed very detailed so if you're looking for information on stuff you might've missed which are non-BRC related be sure to check it out. It covers the entire game from start to post-game.

Monsterhunterworld wiki

Several posts on reddit

Original link

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