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[Minor Spoilers] Xenojiva is the most irritating monster in the game by far.

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - [Minor Spoilers] Xenojiva is the most irritating monster in the game by far.

I don't even know where to start with this. So, mhw final boss, xenojiva is without a doubt the most annoying monster in the entire game. The boss is by no means difficult, artificial difficulty is just created by the fact that it takes 10-15 years to actually slay it. What's even worse is almost all of the attacks are designed to miss you, and the few ones that aren't are so easy to dodge that there's not even a remote possibility of it being able to hit you if you know how to press A/X. What might be the worst part of it all, (besides its ridiculously enormous amount of hp) is how much it moves. Although it's a large monster, its dragon shape makes it perfect so that even the smallest movements by the monster will make you have to completely chase after it since you can only hit its feet, and sometimes tail if you're lucky. I made a post a few days back asking for help on pink rath cause she was pretty damn hard at the time, but at the end I felt great and accomplished after I beat it even willing to do it again. I beat Xenojiva and just thought "well thank f*cking god that's finally over, no way im grinding for any of its weapons or armor. "


On the flipside though, I do think that Xeno's design is really cool, even if he's too big. I also really liked the music during that fight, which was just about the only thing to keep me going during it.

EDIT: I forgot to change my flair, im not a bow man, i use CB/LS

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