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Fellow Hunters,

With the grand success of MHW, seeing new fans and old fans unite to fend of the toothy menace that plague Astera, I thought it would be a bit of fun to prompt some fan designed beasties.

So here's how this will work, provided this does not cross a boundary and is immediately flagged by mods (if it does, my apologies):


Name: something that fits well with current creature names. Maybe not "Dick Jaw", though if he has the right attributes and frustrates players enough he may one day be christened as such.


Species: Brute Wyvren? Elder Dragon? Fanged Wyvren? You should be familiar enough with all the rest.


Element/Ailments: AKA what do I need to be immune to in order to prevent throwing my controller through the TV.


Weakest to: What do I need to bring with me to put this thing down?



Habitat: Choose any location, or locations from whichever game you enjoy the most, and that would be best suited to our new friend.


In Game Description: Just a sentence or two to warn hunters of what to expect.


Description/Abilities/Attacks: the real down and dirty on your new creature. What's it look like? What does it do?


Breakable Parts: What breaks? Does that limit any of the attacks?


Sub-Species/Variants: Are there others like this out there? Pink, Gold, Azure? Or maybe it's more than just about colour…


I'm probably missing a category or two, but this should be a good start.

Its Monday morning and I'm bored, so hoping this thread becomes something entertaining, fueled by fans of the series.

Happy hunting!

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