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Monster Hunter: 10 Years, 5 Games, 3 Consoles, 3 Countries, Same Party

MonsterHunterWorld10 - Monster Hunter: 10 Years, 5 Games, 3 Consoles, 3 Countries, Same Party

Hi All,

In the spirit of MH's 15th Anniversary, I wanted to tell you how I started, and continue, playing this great game.

In end-2008 I saw a friend at work watching a youtube video of a guy killing a Tigrex by setting up a bomb, flashing the poor monster on top, and smashing it's face with a GS. This hooked me immediately and I bought a PSP just to play this game.

I get the console, and start playing MHP2g. I couldn't understand it. How the hell was I supposed to kill these things, I am hunting popos and a freaking Tigrex appears out of nowhere and kills me? No way, this game is not for me, the controls feel sluggish, unresponsive and the camera is a hell to control (
7XQmsWi - Monster Hunter: 10 Years, 5 Games, 3 Consoles, 3 Countries, Same Party

Rememeber the Claw?)

I spent 2 weeks stuck on a Kut ku, my first real wall even after 10 years. It made me stop playing the game, but a long time after that I came back, and spent more than 2 weeks just fighting it, only doing other quests to gather resources because it completely emptied my box several times. It came to the point that I did not know why I was even doing it anymore but I had to kill it.

Then I saw it limp away. Oh god how good that felt, finally I was close to beating it. But alas! I woke it up and it killed me… 3 times, and I failed the mission. "Frustration" doesn't even cut it, why was I doing that to myself? what was the point? Doesn't matter. Had to kill it. And, eventually, I did (Captured it when I learned you could do that)


Then I started playing with friends. We all got together several times a month on the weekends and had 8-12hs sessions, killing and farming everything we could get our hands on. We started as a party of 4, but one of them stopped playing, so then there were 3.

In 2012 I started travelling and stopped playing, as I had sold my PSP (Bad idea). However, in 2013 MH4 was out for the 3DS, so the 3 of us left bought the console to play that game, which was the first (I think) with online multiplayer support. So we started playing again. I was in Germany, one guy in Argentina (Where we are from) and the other guy moved to New Zealand, but we still played.

In 2014, we had already stopped playing MH4, but we got the emulator PPSSPP and started playing MHP3 on the computer.

In 2015 MHGenerations came out, so we bought it, and played it.

Finally, in 2018, Monster Hunter World came out, and we all bought a Ps4 to play it on release date, and we still are to this day.

All our lives are different than 2009, but we are still playing this great game, and never really stopped, despite distances, timezones, or consoles. It's been almost 10 years, and we are still hunting together, and enjoying every second of it, despite how annoying monster get (Looking at you AT Kirin)

I can't say that of any other game, can you?

Monster Hunter really is the best game out there, and no one will be able to change my mind, because they can't change the past 10 years.

Happy hunting.

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