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Monster Hunter and the Nostalgia Argument

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Monster Hunter and the Nostalgia Argument

I don't wish this post to be a long rambling speech but amidst the small controversy that has arisen due to GaijinHunter's post and video I feel this had to be mentioned by someone someday so why not now.

It has been a little over a year since Monster Hunter World's release and there are players who have welcomed the new changes as there are people who have questioned it. This is fine. Everybody has a right to their own opinion and people play different games in a different way. I, for one, did not like how MHW traded strategy for action though I understand why people would prefer more action. But I digress.

What I want to make known is how newer players or those players who did not like "classic" Monster Hunter mechanics or maybe even long-time players who just enjoy MHW mechanics more have been arguing that long time players enjoy "classic" Monster Hunter mechanics because of "nostalgia" for some time now and I find this incredibly disheartening. The reason being that "The Nostalgia Argument" adds very little to the actual debate and discussion on what the merits are in terms of different game mechanics and opinions. In fact, the only point it serves is to insult the intelligence and seem more "woke" than the person you are talking to. There are merits and demerits to many things and they may be weighted differently to different people.


For example, "Some people prefer the new armor system because it is more accessible and easier to understand and use while some people enjoy the old system because it adds a lot more in terms of the MH meta-game and adds more armor variety based on available charms" is a valid point of discussion while "The old system is archaic and was a sign of the times that they have improved on and MHW is the new way forward, people only still enjoy it due to nostalgia" is much less so. While I can empathise with the second argument, chalking up player enjoyment of old games and mechanics as nostalgia is just plain disrepectful and unhelpful to the argument as a whole. There are reasons why some players enjoy the old system better even if you do not and I feel that not attempting to understand why is a bit ignorant.

I think the correct way forward for Monster Hunter and its community is to determine what parts of Monster Hunter new and old offer the best experiences and emphasise them. We should really stop with the "this is the new new, get with the times" attitude.

Happy Hunting.

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