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Monster Hunter Badass Champions League – Part 4 of 7 – Vote for who you think deserves the crown of “most badass monster” in the franchise!

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Monster Hunter Badass Champions League - Part 4 of 7 - Vote for who you think deserves the crown of "most badass monster" in the franchise!

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Let's pretend I didn't just miss posting this yesterday. Father's Day, spent a lot of the day outside.

At one point during the last round of voting, there were 3 ties. 4 of the matchups were wildly competitive to the point I wasn't sure I would be able to actually have a winner for each one.

Not really at all surprising, but 7 elder dragons are in the Elite 8.

Alatreon absolutely wiped Brachydios 64 to 20. I thought Brachydios would be somewhat more competitive but I also predicted Alatreon would likely win this whole thing so if it continues to tear, then I could have just made a "hot take" post as to why it's the most badass a week ago.

Nargacuga was actually leading Namielle for a majority of the first day of voting, but never by more than like 2 votes. Namielle squeaks by 44 to 40.

The only non elder dragon to make it into the Elite 8 is the Glavenus which beat out Nergigante 43 to 41, the closest matchup of the round. Glavenus also received the most votes among Brute Wyverns during the first round. That being said, unless I'm judging the community wrong, this is probably where the road ends for Glavenus.


Safi'Jiiva took down Bazelgeuse 47 to 37 in a match that was much closer on day 1 and thus the flying wyverns are completely out of the tournament. There is just something inherently badass about monsters that take the form of the usual European Dragon, I expect Safi'Jiiva to do well against Glavenus.

Deviljho, if you can believe it, was tied with Dalamadur at one point during day 1 but ends up losing 49 to 35, the largest shift off of what was initially a close matchup. Deviljho can be a real pain in the ass but I think it's hard to justify it being more badass than the only Chinese Dragon in the main series.

I'm showing some opinion here, but Zinogre gets what it deserves. Shagaru Magala beats Zinogre 47 to 37 and I can't help but think this matchup would have been more competitive had Akantor (the closest thing to an elder dragon that isn't) been in place of Zinogre.

Valstrax, I'm gonna be honest I've never played against this monster because I didn't own the game that housed it, but for it to have beaten Rajang 55 to 29 is kind of wild to me and it's looking like it's going to do better than I initially had thought.

Lastly, Gogmazios takes down Odogaron in a landslide 64 to 20. I think Tigrex could have done a little better, but Gogmazios clearly has some pull with the fanbase.

Part 4 – Elite 8 monster tournament (You're here)

Active Period = Sunday, 21st of June, 2020 thru Tuesday, 23rd of June, 2020

Part 5 – Final 4 monster tournament

Active Period = Wednesday, 24th of June, 2020 thru Friday, 26th of June, 2020

Part 6 – Final of the monster tournament

Active Period = Saturday, 27th of June, 2020 thru Sunday, 28th of June, 2020

Part 7 – Crown the Champ, look at numbers, get drunk

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