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I thought I'd leave the dates up for the upcoming real life events, with their links

Most Recent update 5/8: Saitama Cafe Goods added(the official felt kit will be sold)! Deleted my old post, and removed expired events. I know there was a Monster Hunter Radio broadcast, but I can't listen to it until my lunch break 🙁

In other news, I got tickets for the concert(it was a raffle), which is months away, but will do a report on it later if it's wanted.


Twitter campaign4/20-6/3Twitter contest with weekly prizes. I did not see a location restriction for this one. You do need to follow the MHW JP account
2018 ChampionshipNagoya Qualifier – April 29/Hiroshima Qualifier – May 6/Sendai Qualifier – May 13/Fukuoka Qualifier – May 20/Osaka Qualifier – May 27/Sapporo Qualifier – June 3/MHW Finals – July 15As has been previously stated, you receive some minor gifts for going to these events. The sticky note design is used in the twitter contest! Sunday Qualifier Stream
Monster Hunter World OrchestraTokyo(Tokyo International Forum) August 25/ Hyogo(Hyogo Prefectural Art and Culture Center) September 9 Raffle starts today(April 26) on the Hub.Famitsu Article
Universal Studios Monster Hunter The Real1/9-6/24Universal Ride! This is the real life event required for the JP universal studios code to get the Azure Star set. There's been a few threads on this, so I'm not detailing it.
Monster Hunter Cafe Saitama5/17-6/27This one's theme is Mofumofu(Fluffy) world. It'll be at the Aeon. If you went to the uhh…. 2015? One it'll be at the same location.This location is a bit out of Tokyo, for those that are interested.Goods Game Watch Higher Res Pics
Tokyo Monster Hunter Cafe Special Event!Running from 4/22-5/13! These dates are just the eventSpecial Event for DevilJho and the Championship. This place has been open since 3/23, but the event has a few limited goods.



Where do I buy stuff? Check out the Hunters' Shop listing on the official Capcom site This lists stores that regularly carry Monster Hunter stuff! For other random information there's the Figure Builder Site which will list the upcoming statues and the Palico and Poogy site for all your cat needs(They have some 1080p wallpapers)

Most Recent E-Capcom Update4/27There was an update yesterday with all new goods:Quest Cleared Keyring, SOS Flare T-Shirt, Elder Dragons of the New World T-Shirt,Monster Hunter Napsack
E-Capcom Monster Hunter Towel-RugOnline Purchase has started. 7/6 Ship dateThese new rugs feature the loading screen stained glass mosaic, Nergigante tracks, and the shock trap
Monster Hunter Cafe Saitama5/17-6/271) Clear file, 2) Stickers, 3) Cork Coaster, 4) Embroidered Pin, 5) Hand Towel, 6) Stamp Set, 7) Wood Hair Tie, 8) Trading Clips, 9) Pen, 10)Felt Kit ,11) Aluminum Pins , 12) Acrylic Keychain
7-11 Ichibankuji (I hate these lotteries)Begins in AugustGrandprize is Nergigante statue from Bandai.
Monster Hunter Blind Box Enamel KeychainsVolume 24/26Legiana / Radobaan / Odogaron / Dodogama / Tsi-Tsi Yaku / Rathian / Great Girros / Bazelgeuse / Valhazhak / Secret
Monster Hunter Blind Box Enamel KeychainsVolume 36/28Teostra / Diablos / Kushala / Kirin / Uragaan / Azure Rathalos / Pink Rathian / Deviljho / Gajilaka / Secret
MHWxAlook5/26-6/10Literally glasses. Elder Dragon Glasses..

Editors Sketches

Damnwyverns and a few other tumblrs/galleries have the sketches compiled from the Editor Sketch series. I'll post the official blog links with a basic description. Title is unofficial. Stuff is from Famitsu

Volume 18 – The theme is, moving between houses. The pictures this time are cuter than usual. There will be a delay for the next one due to Golden Week.

1-Endemic Life


3-Mantle and Meat Spit

4-Endemic Life



7-Hunting Great Jagros

8-Endemic life



11-Chasing the Palico

12-Tobi-Kadachi and a Boss Cat Pic

13-Endemic life


15-Fivers in Action


17-Exploring Elder's Recess

Illustrator – HolyDragoon

Editor-江野本ぎずも Emoto Gizmo? Twitter

The Hiroshima Qualifier took place on the 6th! The developer talk focused on Wildspire Wastes There was the usual online challenge. This time it was a fight against Kushala to see if a Hard Armor Sphere would appear. Lucky winners received a prize. Then the main event was the arena fights against Nergigante!

Famitsu report

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