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Monster Hunter generations and generations Ultimate isn’t as good.

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Monster Hunter generations and generations Ultimate isn't as good.

So……. Is it just me who thinks that MH gen isn't as good as it seems. I'm kinda late to this game because I was blown away by MH4U that I stuck with it until MH World came out so I never really got the chance to play it. Now that I had some free time since I have done most things in World I wanted to try the game out. I was excited with the hunting arts and styles. I did research on what they did, how do I get the most out of my favorite weapons. I was so amazed at Bushido/Adept style. So I was in the game I have played it for a total of 60 hours I guess.

And I can say I am underwhelmed bored and out right I just don't want to play it anymore. Here are the reasons why.



-I know this can be said to most monster hunter game especially if you are coming from World but I have played since MHFU and even MHFU felt like I was in the action for most of the time. The game tries so hard to implement the four village thing and it just makes it confusing and annoying to go around talking to everyone to follow a non existent story.



-Upgrading weapons now are much more of a hassle due to the new level up system it takes time to learn and is not really explained well in the game. Sure in some way or form that I don't understand it might be more convenient but honestly I don't see it.



-Yes, one of the biggest selling points of the game seeing these things got me so excited to play the game and really plunge myself into learning everything and in paper they do look fun. I may not be the best MH player but I know what I'm doing when I get in a hunt but honestly the styles and arts feel more of a restriction to me than it is a way to play the weapon I want. Removing certain movements and adding different stuff to certain styles feels like you can only play the weapon that way. For example I like the adpet style but there are times when I just cant adept dodge some monster and its so frustrating having to try and try just so I can get an access to the moves the adpet dodge has to offer i.e. LS spirit combo. The only weapon I feel like that isn't as punishing in adept is the bow. We can argue that I could just use a different weapon or style but the other styles just isn't my fit and I don't like them at all. I guess this boils down to personal preference in the long run. Having a set play style for all the weapon feels like the best option we have for an MH game rather than this arts or styles.


-In MHFU I felt like I needed to beat the Tigrex cause it beat the crap out of me. MHP3rd the Zinogre felt like a monster I had to hunt because it was a threat to the ecosystem near the village. MH3U the Lagiacrus was a monster no one else could take on but you so you had to kill it. MH4U everyone doubted you and belittled you until you proved that smug ace hunter wrong(best one for me). MHgen I just felt like an errand boy who got request from the people it didn't feel like I was a hunter of a high caliber at all. This to me was the biggest sin it had.


I am not completely set on this I don't think my opinion is golden I am willing to be proven wrong cause I really want to enjoy the game. Maybe Im doing something wrong or seeing it in the wrong perspective. So if anyone can tell me what they like about the game or a way for me to enjoy it in a better way go ahead. I am not closed to other opinions.

I honestly like the styles it just feels like it was implemented in a weird way. The progression also feels so mind numbing and tedious. Also the feel of the game over all just feels kinda meh. I mean I've played this game before world for like 5 hours on my friends 3ds and switch but it still feels off to me.

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