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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: For the newcomers to the series!

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Alot of posts have been made about the upcoming Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (MHGU). I've also seen alot of comments saying about how we don't want players to think this is actually a step back for the series, so I made this post just to clarify a few things!

First a foremost, this isn't a sequel to MH:W. This is an extention to the previous game made by the Capcom 'B' team in which adds G-Rank to Monster Hunter Generations. This was known in Japan as MHXX, or double cross. After a long old 3 years or so (From the last western release), it has finally been released in the west!

Secondly, to anyone who does decide to purchase it, be mindful that there may be a few changes which will be highly noticeable, these will include, in no extensive manner:

  • When taking a potion, you do go through a 4 second animation, like in World, but you can't move during the animation, you can't cancel it by rolling and you get the entire potions worth of a heal in the middle of the animation, rather than gradually over the course of the animation.

  • Some weapons will behave differently (Ranged weapons in particular by not being able to move and shoot at the same time)

  • Styles are modifications to the movesets, while Hunter Arts are special moves that can be used after filling a meter. Your style choice affects how many arts you can equip.

  • Areas in maps will be separated into zones and will require loading between each one (This takes about 3-5 seconds maximum, maybe less on the switch), so basically no 'open world' areas.

  • Gathering will be different, no quick pick up and go, you will have to stop and go through an animation of gathering to collect things. (Much like when you mine or collect bones in world, but for everything now including herbs and mushrooms)

  • No slinger, flash pods dung bombs and such will need to be thrown manually (Pressing the respective use item button while it's selected on the item bar)

  • Skills will work differently. This means rather than just putting an attack gem into your armour and getting attack +1 or whatever. You will need to accumulate 10 skills points to activate the skill you want. This will be explained more in depth in guides and such if you are unsure.

That's all the major changes I can think of at the moment, will add more at request and if I can think of anything else!

Finally. By no means do these changes mean the game is worse, the older games are incredibly fun and will be quite the test of skill as you progress through the ranks. Until you eventually get eaten by a G-Rank Deviant.

That completes the post for now, thanks for reading!

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