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I've had this idea for a while now, ever since I first learned more about the Ancient Civilization both inside and out of canon. The idea is pretty par for the course: our hunters have to solve some kind of mystery or deal with some kind of threat that's making everything go haywire.

However, instead of the Old World or New World, the setting would be a massive kingdom of continental proportions. A remarkably intact remnant of the Ancient Civilization's golden age, now overtaken by nature and seemingly abandoned.

Each area of the kingdom serves as your zones. There's a massive garden akin to the Ancient Forest, a large mining quarry serving as the Wildspire Waste, a city/district filled with beautiful sculptures and art that looks like something out of the Coral Highlands, a massive Rotten Vale like necropolis, and the kingdom's capital having been overoverrun by Elder Dragons.

They could even have a foothold in the far north that serves as the Hoarfrost Reach, and there would be a massive arena-like extension of the city that serves as the Guiding Lands.

Whereas the main objective is made clear, the actual story of the kingdom itself isn't. In fact, very few of the main story quests even make passing mentions of it. However, that's not to say it isn't there.

Let's say you're exploring the area and come across what looks to be a cave. You go inside and discover that this cave has multiple rooms, each containing what appears to be furniture and other miscellaneous items. In one room, you find what appears to be a small bed, some shelves, and a small figurine. In the room next to it, you see a larger bed with three mummified bodies: a man, a woman, and a child, all holding each other close. It turns out this cave used to be a house, the three bodies are those of the family, and the little figurine was one of the child's toys. You tell a researcher back at base about it, they check out the scene, and they discover telltale signs of starvation and malnutrition, implying that the family starved to death.

This is but one example of how the kingdom will tell its story. The things you see, the areas you discover, the items you find, and even the monsters you fight all hold clues to the deeper story of the land, be they novel or substantial.

Story aside, the gameplay would build upon what we have in Rise. There would be open world exploration of the zone without loading screens, wild monsters to encounter, the aforementioned secrets to be found, and improvements upon Rise's vertical traversal system.

You'll have yet another new animal companion to go along with the Palico and Palamute in order to give you a full team when playing solo. It's called the Palkyrie, a hawk like creature that carries a mini bowgun. It would essentially be the rogue/ranger of the party, whereas the Palamute would be the frontline tank and the Palico the support.

For gear, you have the Wyvern Jets. They work similarly to the Wirebug, but instead of swinging around like Tarzan you're literally launching yourself like a rocket. Instead of using a cooldown system, it'll instead run on a new resource called charge. It's depicted as a white bar under your health and stamina, and recharges on its own when your weapon is sheathed. You can also get charge back by attacking enemies. The Wyvern Jets can be used for jumping, double jumping, thrust jumping, wall running, gliding, long dodging, and strafing.


There are also new field tools such as grenades, flares, resins, and hypos, all of which come in multiple variants.

Grenades work similarly to thorn pods, in which they stick to the monster and detonate upon being struck by a weapon. Variants include impact charges (blunt damage) slash mines (sharp damage) and spike bombs (piercing damage).

Flares work just like wyvernblast, only they deal elemental damage on top of blast damage. Variants include blitzmist (fire damage) seaspray (water damage) coldsnap (ice damage) stormsurge (thunder damage) and wrathbloom (dragon damage).

Resins apply ailment affects on top of the current element/ailment damage on your weapon for a short time. Variants include nightshade (poison), tranquilizer (sleep), nervebane (paralysis), napalm (blast), and ironcoat (stun).

Hypos are small syringes that you can jam into either yourself or your allies with various effects. Variants include herbal (restores health) vitality (cures and increases resistance to status affects) armorskin (boosts defense) and demondrug (improves strength).

All of the weapons from World will be present, along with more obscure aditions from past games such as the Magnet Spike, Tonfas, and Accel Axe. There will also be some new weapons thrown into the mix as well, resulting in a total of 20 weapons to choose from.

One of the new weapons is the Charge Pike, a polearm similar to the Insect Glaive except with a phial system in place of the kinsect and extracts. You also can't fly with it. You build up energy by attacking the target, after which you use that energy to charge your phials. These phials can be used for amped attacks and ranged attacks, and you can throw the weapon into a monster which makes it deal damage over time.

And of course, you can't have a new Monster Hunter game without new monsters to hunt! There's Onigoro (a blood drinking Fanged Beast with flesh rending claws), Gayamu (a beetle-like monster that loves burrowing), Great Kitsuna (the alpha of a pack of fox-like predators), Skolgrynath (a Brute Wyvern with skeleton-like armor and the smile of a cereal killer), Great Shamos (the alpha of the Shamos pack), Kotabaian (a wolf-like Fanged Wyvern that wears the skin of a Rathalos for protection), Kage Ya Ku (a small Brute Wyvern with a razor sharp beak and tail), Skoriala (a swift Bird Wyvern that wreaths itself in its own flames), Akyranus (a scorpion like creature that swims through the sand like water), Sharakale (an Elder Dragon that can form glass around its body and launch it at foes) and more!

There will also be familiar faces such as Rathalos, Diablos, Barroth, Deviljho, Tigrex, Banbaro, Pukei Pukei, Paolumu, Great Jagras, Anjanath, Odogaron, Dodogama, Kirin, Vall Hazak, and even Bazelgeuse!

Again, these are just my ideas for what I would like to see in a future Monster Hunter Game. I don't really expect ANY of this to happen, at least not anytime soon.

Besides that, what would you like to see in a future Monster Hunter game?

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