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Monster Hunter Leak List? (Info to back it up, of course)

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Monster Hunter Leak List? (Info to back it up, of course)

Ok, so I’ve seen this image circulating around for awhile. The image in question And I’d like to actually go in depth and discuss it since people are on the fence with it. I personally believe there is a high chance that this is real, and I will detail below why.

(First of all I will tell you what each of these icons are in order.) Fulgar Anjanath, Jade Barroth, Gore Magala, Khezu, Silver Rathalos, Shrieking Legiana, Ebony Odogaron, Paolumu Subspecies, Bazelguese Variant?, Zinogre, Gold Rathian, Glavenus, Acidic Glavenus, Seregios, Tobi-Kadatchi Subspecies, Fatalis, Banbaro, Nargacuga, Barioth, Brachydios, Pukei-Pukei Subspecies, Tigrex, Velkhana, and Beotodus.

That would be a 24 monster expansion, Which 12 of have already been officially confirmed. I’m happy with this because they’ve already stated that they’re planning to add free monster updates to Iceborne like they did world. (So around 5 free monsters as DLC)

Why I believe this leak is so substantial, is that a lot of it makes sense. Half of these are already confirmed which makes it seem likely. Jade Barroth returning is nice (Although Banbaro kinda fills that niche)

Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian are easy to implement, plus maybe theyll let us hunt them in the Caverns of El Dorado? Please?

The Pukei, Tobi, and Paolumu Subspecies all make sense when in context to this tweet Tweet In Question

Khezu fits nicely into the icy caves although I thought Gigginox fit much better (See previous posts)


Zinogre & Seregios: These two are the last of the bottom half of the Flagship image to be confirmed, which I though only the ones on the bottom half would be added to the game 15th Anniversary Image

Here’s where things get… Harder? Fishy?

Now Gore is interesting: That was the last of the flagships I expected to be implemented, but if this is true, it paves the way for this skeleton to be used for new monsters or Valstrax as DLC

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The Question mark I labeled as Fatalis, as that’s what I’ve seen others say that’s what it’s supposed to be but that could be disproven.

The Bazelguese Variant could also be a subspecies but having a variant to match Savage Deviljho would make sense since they’re supposed to rival one another.

Also? Where did Oroshi Kirin & Alatreon go from the old MHW leak that otherwise was spot-on? Maybe Iceborne DLC?

Now the Elephant In the room: No Lagiacrus or Valstrax. As I’ve already stated, Gore’s inclusion makes Valstrax much more likely, but even then that leaves Lagiacrus as the only flagship left out of Iceborne. Hopefully DLC fixes this but they said they had issues with the Leviathan Skeleton so… Idk?

(Sorry for such a long read but I’d have anything to add to the discussion or images you’d like to add to the circle just comment)

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