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It looks like an absolute dumpster fire and because of that I've been thinking of a better movie concept for the last few weeks so here we go.

The movie would start with the start of the commission, the earliest days of hunters where they are still figuring out how to properly hunt monsters, craft their gear, and learning their place in the ecosystem. Basically weapons and armor would be pretty basic, sword and shield, normal lances, bows, dual blades, and pokey sticks with standard leather/iron armors. Also the story would be very non canon. So we would follow a new hunter and SnS user on his journey with his friend who's a blacksmith/inventor. Standard hero archetype for him where he a noble warrior and wants to help people and his friends but he has a stubbornness to him that the hunters life will hopefully beat out of him. Friendo is pretty insane, her weapon and armor designs are too eccentric to properly function but when she tones it down by seventeen notches or so she can be quite brilliant. (Note that there shouldn't be a love story between them, mainly because he thinks shes fun but too over the top to date and shes in love with the smell of the forge and the sound of metalwork).

Act 1 is pretty simple stuff, hunt some basic monsters, gather resources and establish a few campsites. The shake up comes when a Rathian attacks one of the camps. Hero, against the orders of his superiors, runs out in order to save people and gets his shit rocked in the process only to be saved by more experienced hunters repelling the monster. They give him a pretty basic lesson that there's a time to run in and a time to wait and find an advantage before striking. He gets a basic punishment, put exclusively on resource collection and simple research to teach him to wait and watch, and the story moves into Act 2. We get some info dumping here, learn about a few different monsters, see a turf war from a distance and watch other hunters go through their hunts while Hero watches, complains and spends time helping Friendo gather parts for her inventions. After a few minor misadventures they both learn to chill out a little and aim to do better as members of the commission by applying the teachings of the more experienced hunters. We then start to move towards Act 3 as the Rathian is back and seems angrier than last time because shes not just attacking camps but apparently burning down forests. Hero starts to run off into danger but instead stops and asks Friendo for to help give him an advantage before striking.


So Act 3 is the entire fight against the Rathian which is going well for the hunters on the scene until the realize that she doesn't have enough firepower to cause this much destruction which leads to them discovering an Anjanath was actually the cause of the part of the destruction but before they could retreat and regroup a mysterious wind fans the flames and cuts off their escape route. Hero then gets his big damn hero moment when he charges in wearing a fireproof mantle and wielding a massive sword and shield, a proto charged blade(no phials yet because Friendo couldn't create a version of the weapon that had phials but didn't explode, cough cough blast in next movie). He, the hunters still in fighting shape, and the Anjanath all fight, while Hero notices that the Rathian is wounded but still around and preventing hunters from going a certain direction. After slaying the Anjanath with an axe blow to the face Hero stops the other hunters from attacking the Rathian. He realized why she attacked in the first place, because the hunters built a camp too close to her nest and therefore too close to her eggs. The hunters all calmly back down and dismantle their campsite as we move into the epilogue.

Hero is punished again as he was still on probation when he went out to help the other hunters. His actions are condemned by the higher ups of the commission so as punishment he gets to train with one of the veteran hunters, to learn everything they can teach him about being the best hunter he can be. Friendo on the other hand get to join up officially with the weapons workshop, because her designs could be very helpful in arming future hunters in their efforts but mainly so she can stop making devices that explode or shock others nearby. The the story wraps up with a speech about how they are not just hunters but members of the research commission and that while we do hunt dangerous monsters, preserving the balance is our primary goal. We get a few end credit shots of Hero practicing with his new weapon, Friendo building new gear, Hunters now using gun lances, switch axes, and shock traps while being equipped with slingers, and the Rathian watching as her eggs start to hatch. Quick post credit scene of a hunter spotting weird glowing egg followed by the sound of a Bazelgeuse roar and we get the set up for the next movie which is all about invasive species.

And that's about it. I really don't have high hopes for the movie but love the game series (Put valstrax in world capcom) and would hope that the movie bombs but not so badly that there is no chance for a second try. There is a lot of really good stories that could be told in the MH world, ha, that don't involve iseikai style story telling about the military opening a portal. But ye, that's my idear for a movie that fits closer to the actual flow of the series.

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