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Monster Hunter Player Class for D&D5E

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While I was planning to make a Monster Manual to go with this, that was already done by

this post, which is an amazingly high-effort manual, and will almost definitely be used extensively in campaigns I DM. To go along with that manual, I've created… a Player Class! (And a few items and 3 backgrounds)


14 Archetypes, each corresponding to one of the 14 weapons. I did my best to incorperate the weapon's mechanic (for example, Greatswords can still Charge attacks, Switch axe and Charge Blade can still switch forms) in a way that made sense for 5e, (with the notable exception of the insect glaive, as in a tabletop, micromanaging buffs like that would only bog down play, instead I opted to make the Kinsect a much more active combatant.)

Each archetype has five traits earned at various levels, and the class is designed so that a party could be monoclass and still all be unique and interesting in combat. The idea behind this class is to be functional in a low-to-no magic campaign, as fitting with a MH setting.

I may still put my own twist on other facets of creating a worldspace for a MH-themed campaigns (such as more items, a Wyverian race, etc) but those will have to come at another time.

This document is still being updated in minor ways, such as adding images, balance changes, etc.

As with any homebrew, I probably didn't get the balance right on the first go. As such, I am 100% open to suggestions on things being broken, or useless, etc.

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