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Monster Hunter Rise – datamined skills(SPOILER)

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Monster Hunter Rise - datamined skills(SPOILER)
  1. Tackle
  2. A shoulder thrust that withstands all attacks. Keeps you from faltering or falling when attacked, making it useful for standing your ground while charging.
  3. Guard Tackle
  4. A forward-dashing attack using the flat side of the blade. More cumbersome than your standard tackle, but strong and allows you to guard. A successful Guard can be followed up with a powerful Charged Attack.
  5. Hunting Edge
  6. A daring aerial attack, using a Wirebug to fly up for a hefty Roundslash. If the attack connects, the hunter bounces upward and transitions directly into the next Charged Slash attack, forming the crux of this attack. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  7. Adamant Charged Slash
  8. A technique using a Wirebug to dash forward, and deliver a Strong Charged Slash. Also allows you to withstand knockdown attacks by hardening your body as you dash forth. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  9. True Charged Slash
  10. A devastating Charged Slash attack delivering extensive damage, striking twice by making a large swing with the weapon. By striking the monster's softer weak spot with the first strike, the second strike deals additional damage.
  11. Rage Slash
  12. A strike from a unique stance. While it does not match the power of a True Charged Slash, receiving damage while the weapon is drawn sparks a flame in the user's heart, strengthening their attack.
  13. ============================
  14. Step Slash
  15. A top-down slash while moving forward. The blade takes a vertical path, making it a useful technique when aiming up high.
  16. Drawn Double Slash
  17. A drawn attack that unleashes a vertical then horizontal slash. As you move forward, you're able to absorb a hit while attacking. Although it deals more damage than a Step Slash, there are few attacks that you can use to follow up. Use at your discretion.
  18. Soaring Kick
  19. A quick Wirebug-induced jump kick. A missed kick ends the attack with a single slash, while a successful kick can be followed with one of two moves. The Plunging Thrust increases Spirit Gauge, while the Spirit Helm Breaker reduces the Spirit Gauge by one level. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  20. Silkbind Sakura Slash
  21. A whirlwind-like attack, dashing and slicing past the target with a Wirebug. The hit causes multiple lacerations over time, inducing additional damage. The first connecting hit increases the Spirit Gauge one level. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  22. Spirit Roundslash Combo
  23. Changes into a Spirit Blade on its third strike and onwards. Follows from a Spirit Blade III into a Spirit Roundslash. A basic Spirit Blade combo. Easy to hit the target while damaging any other enemies close by.
  24. Spirit Reckoning Combo
  25. Changes into a Spirit Blade on its third strike and onwards. Dividing Slash > Spirit Reckoning. A Spirit Blade combo belonging to an offshoot combat style. Difficult to use, but has enough power to make up for this shortfall.
  26. ============================
  27. Hard Basher Combo
  28. A derivative of the Shield Slam. Shield Bash > Hard Bash. A melee attack using nothing but a shield. A direct hit to the head, however, may open up more opportunities.
  29. Drill Slash Combo
  30. A derivative of the Shield Slam. Thrust > Drill Slash. The Drill Slash is a multi-hit attack with tremendous potential when combined with an elemental weapon.
  31. Advancing Slash
  32. A drawn attack where you perform a downward slash while stepping forward. A quick and effective action that negates staggering and knockbacks.
  33. Sliding Slash
  34. A sliding attack that slashes the target twice. The slide maneuver reaches far, but lacks the ability to turn. Successfully landing the first hit or inputting the necessary command while sliding allows for a follow-up jumping attack.
  35. Windmill
  36. A multi-stage attack using a Wirebug's silk to spin the weapon around. Any incoming attack can be negated while the weapon is spinning. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  37. Metsu Shoryugeki
  38. A jumping Wirebug attack that uses your shield to uppercut your target. At the beginning of the attack, there is a moment where you can perform a Guard. A well-timed counter can further add to the damage dealt. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  39. ============================
  40. Demon Flurry Rush
  41. A spinning multi-hit attack performed on the ground. Only available when Demon or Archdemon Mode is active. An effective move with reliable dash capabilities and versatility.
  42. Demon Flight
  43. An attack performed by slamming down both blades. A successful hit vaults you into the air, slicing your target as you spin upwards. Highly effective against larger monsters and those with weak spots up high. Easy to follow up with a Midair Spinning Blade Dance.
  44. Demon Mode
  45. A move made to exceed one's limits. While active, your stamina gradually decreases while your attack and evasion change, resisting any knockback. Movement speed increases dramatically, allowing you to roam the field like a force of nature.
  46. Feral Demon Mode
  47. A move beyond the limits of any other. When active, your stamina gradually decreases while your attack and evasion change, resisting any knockback. You switch to an attack-focused stance, dealing slashing attacks when dodging.
  48. Piercing Bind
  49. An attack that drives a blade bound by Ironsilk into the target like a stake. The blade remains connected to the hunter by Ironsilk, dealing additional slash damage to the same spot every time you attack. The added damage accumulates over time, eventually unleashing massive damage. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Slow)
  50. Tower Vault
  51. Launches a Wirebug upwards and you with it. This action does not do any damage, but allows you to move through the air in most cases, even with your weapon drawn. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  52. ============================
  53. Side Smash
  54. A side swipe with the hammer. Can be used as a starting point for bludgeoning combos.
  55. Water Strike
  56. An attack that allows you to absorb a monster's hit. Perform this attack right as you're about to be hit to negate the damage. When successful, it is possible to follow up with an upswing hammer attack.
  57. Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon
  58. A spinning attack using a Wirebug. It moves along an arc pattern much like midair spinning attacks performed on a slope, but is just as effective on flat terrain. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  59. Dash Breaker
  60. An attack performed by rushing forward with the help of a Wirebug. A simple skill evoking the philosophy of "beelining and then smashing." Any enemy attack damage is negated while launching forward. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  61. Charge Switch: Strength
  62. A special action affecting charge attacks. Lengthens required charge time, but allows for more powerful actions.
  63. Charge Switch: Courage
  64. A special action that affects charge attacks. It decreases charging levels, but allows you to follow from one charge into another more quickly.
  65. ============================
  66. Overhead Smash
  67. A mighty attack that swings the hunting horn down from above. Effective in reducing the target's stamina.
  68. Melodic Slap
  69. Swings the hunting horn around once, generating a forwards Sonic Smash. Low damage output but effective at stunning.
  70. Melody Mode: Performance
  71. An action affecting invigorating melodies. Two attacks of the same note in a row generates a melody effect. Playing using <OPT Blader_ZR> boosts your own abilities. A mode focused solely on combat.
  72. Melody Mode: Echo
  73. An action affecting invigorating melodies. Generates a melody effect from the Musical Staff using <OPT Blader_ZR>, while boosting your own abilities. This mode is useful for applying various melody effects.
  74. Bead of Resonance
  75. Places a Wirebug cocoon on the ground. If the same hunter generates melody effects, the effect also appears around the cocoon, as does as a Sonic Wave that damages monsters near it. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  76. Earthshaker
  77. An attack that drives an Ironsilk-bound blade into the target like a stake. When it hits, the Wirebug and weapon are connected with silk. The vibrations of the weapon's sonic blast explode inside the target. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  78. ============================
  79. Anchor Rage
  80. A defensive skill requiring a shield and some patience. The technique is to efficiently brace and absorb the power of the incoming attack—a high-risk move, but the more power absorbed, the greater the damage. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  81. Spiral Thrust
  82. A lightning-fast, two-step maneuver to reposition and counterattack. This attack uses your shield to parry, then uses a Wirebug to send you thrusting forward. Use it to confuse your target and unleash a wave of strikes. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  83. Dash Attack
  84. A charging attack using the lance. You can continue to speed up for a certain amount of time by gaining momentum. The charge attack continues until you choose to cancel it, have no more stamina, or crash into a wall.
  85. Shield Charge
  86. A charging attack with the shield up. You can dash for a limited amount of time while fending off attacks with the shield. Crashing into a monster will cause shield-based blunt damage, making it an offensive and defensive skill.
  87. Guard
  88. Ready your shield to block attacks. A large shield can defend against many an assault.
  89. Insta-Block
  90. Swing the shield in an arching motion to parry attacks. This action works if an attack is blocked at the start of the guard move. Failing will leave you open to attacks, but succeeding can deflect the most powerful attack without being hit, and lets you follow up with a Cross Slash. Great for countering right after blocking.
  91. ============================
  92. Charged Shelling
  93. A shelling attack that utilizes residual heat. Unleashes a fortified shot, though this requires extra time to load.
  94. Blast Dash
  95. An action that uses recoil to travel. By aiming the Gunlance backwards, the hunter is launched forward to quickly close in on the target. It is also possible to fire or perform a Blast Dash again while hurtling.
  96. Hail Cutter
  97. Uses a Wirebug to launch you upwards performing a Rising Slash on the way up and an Overhead Smash on the way down. You can reload in midair, which reduces the cooldown time for Wyvern's Fire. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  98. Ground Splitter
  99. Uses a Wirebug to move forward and jump into a vigorous upward slash. Scraping the gunlance on the ground heats up the barrel, temporarily increasing the damage dealt by shells, Wyrmstake Shots, and Wyvern's Fire. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Slow)
  100. Quick Reload
  101. An action for shell reloads. Allows for quicker shell reloading after an attack. While it reloads shells to max capacity, it does not reload Wyrmstake Shots.
  102. Guard Reload
  103. A reload action performed with the shield up. An effective technique that protects you while reloading both shells and Wyrmstake Shots, but reloads fewer rounds. Artillery-type Gunlances using fewer rounds will be less affected.
  104. ============================
  105. Forward Slash
  106. Thrusts the axe's blade forward while stepping. Doesn't do a lot of damage, but is versatile.
  107. Forward Overhead Slash
  108. A lunging attack performed by winding up the axe and smashing it down. Difficult to pull off but delivers good damage. A subsequent Sword Mode attack will turn into a Double Slash.
  109. Finishing Discharge
  110. A finishing blow for the Element Discharge attack. Performs a thrust attack while fortifying elemental energy, ending with a massive explosion. If the Activation Gauge is full and the target is a large monster, the action becomes a point-blank Element Discharge.
  111. Compressed Finishing Discharge
  112. A finishing blow for the Element Discharge. Puts you into a knockdown-resistant stance and delivers a swift strike accompanied by an elemental explosion. The Activation Gauge has no effect on this action.
  113. Invincible Gambit
  114. A technique using a Wirebug to surge forward and dish out three strikes. You will be impervious to knockdowns until the strikes are completed, making this attack useful in a slugfest or pinch. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  115. Soaring Wyvern Blade
  116. Uses a Wirebug to fly up while slashing, ending with a Forward Slash from midair. If the Forward Slash is successful, the weapon's Activation Gauge fills up, a large explosion goes off where it connected. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  117. ============================
  118. Condensed Element Slash
  119. While charging, elemental energy gathers on the sword to strengthen it and generate a powerful bash effect. The damage dealt by the sword tempo- rarily increases, and incurs additional damage. Reinforcing the sword with this skill, however, requires the shield to also be elementally boosted.
  120. Condensed Spinning Slash
  121. Activates the Element Regeneration system while charging. The shield rotates and acts as a spinning saw blade. This technique switches the weapon into Axe Mode, allowing multiple hits until the mode is disengaged. Longer hits in Axe Mode turn the energy into phials.
  122. Morph Slash
  123. Sword to axe, axe to sword. This switching attack forms the basis of a Charge Blade. Right as the weapon begins switching to an axe, or right as it is about to finish switching to a sword, the shield is raised to block incoming attacks.
  124. Counter Morph Slash
  125. A defense-focused switching attack with a longer blocking effect. The weapon can block attacks as it's switching to either Axe or Sword Mode. If an attack is successfully blocked during the switch, the follow-up Element Discharge Slash's damage increases.
  126. Counter Peak Performance
  127. A Guard technique using Wirebug silk. If an attack is successfully blocked, phials are filled, and you can lead into various attack-focused actions. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  128. Axe Hopper
  129. Slam the axe overhead, using recoil and Ironsilk to propel you up into the air. While going upwards, you can unleash a powerful Element Discharge. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  130. ============================
  131. Leaping Slash
  132. A downward slash technique performed while lunging forward. This attack can negate knockbacks without Orange Extracts. A versatile skill that can reach higher areas with its attack.
  133. Advancing Roundslash
  134. An attack performed by spinning forward like a top. When attacked during the spin, you will use that force to jump up. Note: This only happens while you still have momentum.
  135. Tornado Slash
  136. A hefty slash performed after a bludgeoning attack, using the entire body to swing the weapon. The second strike is particularly powerful while remaining versatile.
  137. Tetraseal Slash
  138. An attack that delivers four strikes on the spot. One of these attacks is a hit with the handle's seal, which can lure in Powder Kinsects.
  139. Recall Kinsect
  140. An emergency evasion performed with a Wirebug that recalls your Kinsect. As the Kinsect returns, it will perform spinning attacks that scatter healing extracts. Its stamina will fully recover as it returns. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  141. Diving Wyvern
  142. A devastating dive attack that uses a Wirebug to pull you downward with great force. The attack has a small damage radius, but that means the damage is highly focused. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  143. ============================
  144. Reload
  145. Executes a reload. Reload speed depends on ammo type and the weapon's capabilities.
  146. Elemental Reload
  147. Reloads shots using a special mechanism. Its reload speed is somewhat slower than the standard, but it increases the damage output of elemental shots.
  148. Forward Dodge
  149. An evasive maneuver that you can perform when your weapon is drawn. As gunners are more likely to be in danger from being hit, evasive maneuvers to keep distance from their target is important.
  150. Quickstep Evade
  151. A quickstep evasive maneuver that you can perform when your weapon is drawn. The distance covered is much smaller than the standard evade, but requires less time to recover. Ammo fired immediately after executing this move does increased damage.
  152. Fanning Vault
  153. A jumping action using Wirebugs. Shots can be fired while in midair. While airborne, you can fire Wyvernblasts directly underneath to land a direct hit on a monster. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  154. Fanning Maneuver
  155. A maneuver using a Wirebug and centrifugal force to quickly flank left or right. Also temporarily ups attack power. Shots can be fired while in motion. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  156. ============================
  157. Melee Attack
  158. A bludgeoning attack delivered by directly smashing with the weapon. Delivers impressive damage, and may even stun your target. If a shield is equipped, incoming attacks can be blocked while executing your attack.
  159. Tackle
  160. A shoulder check with robust functionality. Prevents flinching and knockback when attacked, making it useful for offensive situations. However, the damage received is significant, so caution is advised.
  161. Counter Shot
  162. A parrying skill using Wirebugs. Absorbs an attack from a monster without taking any damage. Follow up with a powerful counterattack. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  163. Counter Charger
  164. A parrying skill using Wirebugs. Absorbs an attack from a monster without taking any damage. Will shorten the amount of time needed for a Charged Shot. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)
  165. Mech-Wyvernsnipe
  166. Fires a specialized shot, different depending on the weapon. The number of rounds is managed via its own gauge, and replenishes over time.
  167. Healing Mech-Wyvernsnipe
  168. Fires a specialized shot, different depending on the weapon. The number of rounds is managed via its own gauge and replenishes over time. Regular Wyvernheart and Wyvernsnipe shells inflict less damage, but hits will replenish the hunter's health.
  169. ============================
  170. Power Shot
  171. A regular shot followed by a particularly powerful shot. Fires shots with a higher level of charge than usual. (Does not exceed maximum level.)
  172. Absolute Power Shot
  173. A regular shot followed by a particularly powerful shot. Fires shots with a higher level of charge than usual. (Does not exceed maximum level.) Standard Power Shots will cost more stamina, but potentially stun the target.
  174. Charging Sidestep
  175. An evasive skill that covers a lot of ground. You can raise your charge level while dodging, and you can control the direction you dodge in by pushing the Left Stick forward, backwards, left, or right.
  176. Dodgebolt
  177. A spinning evade that doubles as an attack. Baiting the attack and making it a near-miss can fill up the charge level considerably. Also allows you to move forward, backwards, left, or right.
  178. Focus Shot
  179. A Wirebug-based evasion action. After landing, crouching will cause stamina to recover at a rapid pace. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast)
  180. Aerial Aim
  181. An action for firing arrows by jumping straight up with a Wirebug. Particularly damaging shots can be fired from midair. A close-range attack using an arrow can also be aimed directly underneath you. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Medium)



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