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Hello im OgBooka

Disclaimer: I'm fairly new to this Reddit so forgive me if this topic has already been talked about. I also apologize if any of my ideas were similar to others, I will try to make this as unique as possible.

For Days I've been thinking about Monster Hunter Stories, and its future, and the question that repeats over and over in my head is will monster Hunter stories 2 come out for Nintendo switch.

MH Stories Sales

The Link above you shows what Capcom thought of the sales MH stories received, and how much it under performed compared to other games.

With that being said, what are some possible changes they could make to the game in order to make it more fun for everyone.

  1. The Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) battle mechanic: The battle mechanic in MHS is probably the most divisive for people who've played the game. It is a rock paper scissors game with no need for explanation other than that. Rock would be (power) , Paper would be (Speed), and scissors would be (Technical). If you by chance choose the same move than there will be a clash and you'll both take damage.If you choose right you win, if wrong you lose. Most of the monster in MHS have a set tendency such as Velociprey doing ONLY speed or Nargacuga doing 2 speed than 1 power , and than the loop continues. Because of this the RPS mechanic becomes boring at some points (not to me of course), and at some times it would be better for you to go for just 1 attack. For example, For Daiyamo Hermitaur, its set tendency is technical, and sometimes power. For this battle you simply need to use power for this fight, and a monstie that uses power more often as well, because you'll always win, and even if it does power that doesn't matter because the clash wont do much damage. (Now enough of my rambling, lets get to the idea). An Idea I have proposed is that they could create a battle mechanic similar to the game Yo-kai Watch 4 (

    ) <–This link here shows you the trailer for Yokai Watch 4. If you go to 0:38 you can see there battle system in which the spirits fight by themselves (those could be the monsties) and the character helps on the side (that could be the Rider). What I was thinking is that both the monstie and the rider could be fighting on there own like in this trailer, and as the kinship bar increases (there could be a tab where you select a move for your monstie to do like it already does in game. This way it helps those who want a Real Monster Hunter type style, but also those who want the rider type style when fighting with your monstie.
  2. Monsters: This game could add a plethora of monsters from MHworld and any of the monsters they missed in previous monster hunter games.
  3. Difficulty setting: This one is self-explanatory. Basically, they could add a difficulty setting to the game to allow players to have a different experience.
  4. Monstie Types: There could be many Monstie types they could add such as: Variants and Deviants. Variants are self-explanatory. In terms of deviant monsties they would need to be more creative. (some of these ideas cam from a Twitch streamer and their chat I watched so shoutouts to: Kushasoul for the ideas). I'll use Thunderlord Zinogre as an example.
  • A. Zinogre is at low health. You are about to slay it, but it runs away. You find another Zinogre in the wild, but this ones different, its changed, into Thunderlord Zinogre. This is an even more intense fight than a regular Zinogre (will you win, or will you lose). Losing: If you lose this very same Zinogre will be waiting for you to battle it, and you must win to progress (this could be in post-game), or there is a chance you may find thunderlord zinogre in the wild more often. Winning: If you win there is a chance it might retreat to its Den, and you may collect an egg, a more powerful one than a regular zinogre, A Thunderlord Zinogre egg.
  • B. Same scenario, but this time it retreats to its den, you go into the den to get the eggs, but what you find in the den as you step inside is a changed Zinogre, Thunderlord Zinogre as a last stand to protect its eggs. You must fight this monster to even get its eggs.
  • C. You must slay a certain amount of Zinogre in order for the thunderlord Zinogre to come forth. (The reason this works is because there is already a counter for how many slays you have for a specific monster) It is mad that its population is being decreased by this one rider, and you must battle it, and there is a slim chance it will go back to its den. (Similar to pokemon with its shiny chance. After you beat more and more zinogre, the higher the chances for a thunderlord to come out, until you only see thunderlord zinogre)
  • D. Like in the game you go into a den (Preferably a Zinogre Den) and you find an egg, this egg sparkles for some odd reason, this may be a different type of Zinogre, Thunderlord Zinogre.
  • E. Navirou tells you than he sees something interesting. A sparkling den. This den may have deviant monster Eggs, but inside are powerful monsters you must fight in order to get to the egg nest, but at its core, is where Thunderlord Zinogre is, protecting its eggs.
  • Now of course the logic here doesn't make the most sense for all of the ideas from A-E because in order for a deviant monster to exist, it must survive a hunt or battle with another monster, and bounce back more powerful, however, I feel like it could work for the spin-off because well…. its a spin-off and you should be able to be creative.
  1. Winning Campaign Monstie: This one is more of a personal option. They should give us the monster that was the main reason for the campaign in the first place. ( / s ) was a very unique monster and looked amazing, having it as a monstie would've been a great prize for beating the campaign, but that's just my opinion.

Edit: tell me what you think about these Ideas.

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