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Monster Hunter TEXT Alpha v0.3 “Battlesystem Update” FANMADE game by me

img intro02 1024x503 - Monster Hunter TEXT Alpha v0.3 "Battlesystem Update" FANMADE game by me

Hello Everyone! (again)

Alot sooner then expected I finished this next version of my fanmade monster hunter game. With this update I implemented light and heavy attacks in the game (Improving on only the "Attack" button before), and I also added a combo system to use in the battle. You can download the next version on the webpage provided below :).

Quick explanation on everything new:

-The light attacks work the same as the "Attack" option in the previous version.

-The heavy attack option cost more stamina to use but leaves you open for counter-attacks ( Your dodge skill is decreased for the remainder of that battlephase) but the damage of your attack is increased. RISK VS REWARD.

-The combo system tracks your attacks and if you do them in the correct patterns your accuracy and damage will increase.

Also for everyone interested in following everything about this game I made a subreddit which you can follow. All small updates will be posted there from now because i don't want to keep spamming r/MonsterHunter with my posts 😛

link to subreddit: Monster Hunter Text subreddit

You are also free to post suggestions / criticism or bugs on this subreddit.


Too everyone that is going to try this version. First of all, thank you! It would be even more awesome if you could provide me with any feedback, criticism or ideas for the game. Also, if you find a bug, please tell me :D. (Also, if there are some grammatical errors in my English feel free to tell me, English in not my first language.)

BIG DISCLAIMER: the eventual full release of this project will not be for sale and will never be! This project is solely a practicing project to hone my programming skills. And what better way to do that within my favorite franchise. I do NOT own the Monster Hunter Franchise, or claim to do. All rights go to CAPCOM. The latest version of this game will always be available for free to download on the website I will provide in this post.

Link: Monster Hunter TEXT webpage

-Download the game on the website page above (Download link is at the bottom of the page)

-Run the MHT_v0.3.exe to play the game

-Play the game on 800×600 for the best experience.

-Check out the roadmap included in the files to find out what I am aiming for with this project.

-Check out the patch notes to find out what was added in this version.

Original link

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