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This is a cross-post from the Tabletop Simulator subreddit and the WOWTCG subreddit.

Hello everyone! Long-time Monster Hunter fan, and even longer CCG player here.

Today I bring you a complete playable set of Monster Hunter cards using the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game ruleset! This set is now entirely playable on Tabletop Simulator via the Steam Workshop. Links below!

Within you'll find a massive set of over 60 monster cards used in a raid deck. As a group of four hunters, you're tasked with taking on the powerful White Fatalis. To that end, you'll need to equip awesome weaponry, use every item in your stash, and of course put your hunting skills to the test alongside your friends to come out on top!

Steam Workshop link here: Steam Workshop

Looking to just take a look at the cards themselves? No worries!

You can find images of all the cards in the following Google Drive

This raid deck is a 4v1 format where four hunters take on a powerful raid deck in a heated battle. 190 unique cards for your gaming table, with 345 cards in total. There are over 60 unique monsters represented within!

All cards are created in 1050 x 750 Resolution, creating perfect clarity for your gaming table. Loads may be long, but I assure you that the quality is worth it.


This complete play set comes with everything you need to play the game, including:


  • One 61 Card Greatsword Hunter Deck
  • One 61 Card Gunlance Hunter Deck
  • One 61 Card Hammer Hunter Deck
  • One 61 Card Heavy Bowgun Hunter Deck

Each deck comes complete with a hero card, weapons, armor, abilities, and allies fit for hunting. Palico companions, ace hunters, and even siege weapons like the Dragonator and siege cannons make an appearance, straight from the game franchise we know and love. Remember those dung bombs!


One 44 Card Monster Deck with the mighty White Fatalis as the raid boss!

SEVEN individual mini-expansions each containing 7 unique monsters and 1 location card. Two expansions must be added to the raid deck before the game begins. This offers a great option for replayability and customization. With this many possible combinations, no game will be the same twice!

The following expansions are included by default, with more in development. Stay tuned!

  • 8 Card Ancestral Steppe Expansion
  • 8 Card Ancient Forest Expansion
  • 8 Card Frozen Seaway Expansion
  • 8 Card Great Sea Expansion
  • 8 Card Marshlands Expansion
  • 8 Card Volcanic Hollow Expansion
  • 8 Card Wildspire Wastes Expansion

Any and all feedback is welcome! It's taken a long time to bring this to completion. Multiple hours of playtesting has gone into this, and I hope it's at least interesting to those here. Thanks for making the Monster Hunter community great, everyone!

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