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Monster hunter world jagrass hacker versus wyvern ignition

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Monster hunter world jagrass hacker versus wyvern ignition

So ive been messing around with the ignition ive been using drachen set alot and what i essentially have when i look at my loadouts and realised my jagras hit harder than my ignition with 100% affin

Jagras hacker

1104 50%affinity(including critical eye and 3 affinity augs) Blue sharp Attack boost 7 Critical eye 7 Weakness exploit 3 Crit boost 3 Focus 3 Minds eye-had nothing else to put there so why not monsters wont interrupt my combos with they're thick armor Protective polish And non elemental boost

Wyvern ignition 1210 30% affinity(1 affinity aug have yet to get my second aug and crit eye 7) White sharp Weakness exploit 3 Crit boost 3 Focus 3 Speed sharp 1 Non elemental boost


So i got my phone calculater to work out the dps.i didnt divide my numbers by 4.8 as i thought seeing which one out damages doesnt need to involve true raw just which has the bigger numbers so double check me if im right with the sharpness multipliers Jagrass first

 1104 × 1.20 × 1 = 1324.8 

(Raw attack)(sharpness) (crit ratio) (end attack) Now ill do ignition and include the attack aug ill add later

 1234 × 1.30 × 0.8 = 1283.36 

So im wondering is my ignition build optimal do i need to make changes bc i find it hard to believe that the hackers flew under the radar with this Any tips would be great got back into world after a long break so im tryna work out optimal builds

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