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Monster hunter world: not dying when I should when I’m stunned

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Monster hunter world: not dying when I should when I'm stunned

So, I’ve noticed a few times now that I should die after being stunned, but I survive.

there seems to MAYBE be something while you are stunned in this game to try to keep you from being hit. I haven’t done proper testing, so this is not fact, simply a experiences.

the rate of being stunned is larger in world than that past few games, accept maybe 3u, and you are stunned for longer, but I have a lot more experiences of being attacked while stunned in the old games. this might be luck, but some of this is kind off weird.

I remember being stunned, but the monster not attacking me a lot. I’m stunned, and the monster attacks another player instead, or my palico, but that could be luck. it’s mostly weird when I’m stunned, the monster attacks me, but I’m not hit.

for example, I was stunned during the quest “sapphire star’s guidance” by teostra, and he then did a supernova. I was right next to him when he started flying. but I did not get hit. I was still being stunned, yet the attack missed. I recorded that, so I’ll upload it to youtube later and give a link in the comments. I was not out of range, the supernova has a huge hitbox

I also remember recently when fighting a normal rathian, I got stunned, and rathian charged at me, but I was pushed to the side by her head instead, and got hit by the side of her leg when the head should have hit me first.

this leads me to believe you get some I-frames when being stunned in world, but I have no way to prove this. I also believe players who are stunned are less likely to be targeted, but again, I have no proof.

anyone else have stories of impossibly surviving attacks or not being targeted while stunned? has this happened in other games too?

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