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So guys MHW is releasing on PC in under 24 hours (or if you're reading this from the future, it's already out), a few people along with myself slaved over a hot stove for hours, trying to piece together all the resources new players, converting players, or really anyone could make use of such as videos, guides, YouTube channels, important/useful tools and websites and we thought we'd share it on Reddit where we ourselves got started to help the community we love have an easy reference to everything they'd need, and for new and returning players to also add/ share their knowledge or ask questions they may have. We'll try to keep up in adding good stuff here as it's brought up in thread, if you see any of your work and want it removed or something feel free to comment.

Tldr: we're here to help m8.

MHW Camp locations-

Ancient Forest:

Wildspire Waste:

Rotten Vale/Coral Highlands camps are in the story.

Elders Recess:

A website to help you make builds:

Kiranico (a database):

Trogzone True Raw Calculator to find and compare the true dmg of weapons, even between different classes :


Official site:


*Also see a lot recommending GMG for purchase

Weapon Guides For Controller.

Insect Glaive/Kinsect Guide:

Heavy Bowgun Guide:

Charge Blade Guide:




*The rest of the guides we made we're honestly nowhere near as good as giajinhunter or arrekz so I'll link then directly here as well as in the recommended YT Channels section.



Link for channel not working for some, just search the name.


All monsters (as of original release):

Elements Chart Breakdown:

Status chart breakdown:

Beginners guide to armor skills basics:

First MHW Event Arrekz Breakdown:

How to Find Fossil Fish for those trophy hunters:

What to do in post game(heavy spoilers) :

Mhw best skills:


Arekkz Mhw how to be a good teammate (minor monster spoilers):

Gaijinhunter PC Q+A:

Gaijinhunter PC high settings:

*For build videos I suggest RaisedBySharks, Arrekz, or using your own builder, for guides I think gaijinhunter and fextra are great, for speedruns Darkside and checking the sub daily (always new ones around)

Good YouTube Channels


Arekkz Gaming:


Team Darkside:

Fextra life, boomstick gaming, rurikhan, and a few others are also good. If links don't work just Google or search on YT, they're all gonna come up, I will say, beware old destiny YouTubers, I don't want to call anyone out but some old destiny guys came over when d2 died and are very misinforming, also keep an eye on the date of video release, a thread on Reddit, ect. A lot has changed over the months in terms of buffs/nerfs, weapons/armor added. Try to keep to reliable and new sources!

Again guys, if you have anything else that will help new/returning players or people transitioning to PC please comment it, I'll try to add when I can and I'll be upvoting helpful people! Good luck to PC players and enjoy

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