Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World really makes me excited like a kid.

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It really brings a tear in my eye seeing hunters old and new coming from different regions of the world. The fact that MH got exposed big time to the general audience is one of the greatest to happen. Seeing it the day it was revealed to the first day it launched on PC just a few hours ago. I imagine hundreds and thousands of new players right now are exploring, being frustrated, getting their ass kicked but also having fun along the way. Improving and growing they will be.

As a long time player from PS2, PSP, and 3DS… climbing through the ranks of horrid hit-boxes and wide area killer moves, I've come to love rising up to the challenge and doing stuff on my own further honing my own skills and creating a wide array of weapons and armor sets. It was a total bliss doing things slaying down different sizes of giant lizards… errr iguanas?


The first moment of holding up the Sword & Shield and the Lance solidified my choices through the different installments and made me collect all the different ones. Elements and style differences was a major thing I love, a factor that was amazing throughout the journey. Poking down Rathalos was fun and sometimes I'd go on a non-stop massacre after farming enough resources to fight with Sword & Shield and a wide-array of items on my disposal. Such days will be missed.

Enter Monster Hunter: World my excitement was beyond my own expectation it was seeing a classic car evolve through time and coming with shiny new installments and accessories, like a kid on a rainy day staring at the toy shop's window where a toy is just there sparkling. Truly a moment I'll cherish.

I hope I enter Monster Hunter: World someday, may it be PC, PS4, or Xbox, tough times call for sacrifices and I have to put her away for a long time. I hope by the time I'm prepared to get one… it has already evolved once more. An ever blooming flower maybe? I don't know… I just want to see that damn beauty flourish into something more.

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