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Monster Hunter: World Resources and Question thread Part V (ask here before posting!)

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This is the fifth question and resources thread. Here's a link to the first and here's a link to the second and here's a link to the third and here's a link to the fourth. Feel free to peruse the old ones in search of an answer before posting here!

If you want to ask a question with less chance of being spoiled, go to the spoiler-free resource thread here!




Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my character so slow?
  • Monster Hunter runs on high animation priority, which means it's impractical to dodge everything. Try to observe the monster's animations and squeak a few attacks in when you think you won't get hit.
  • Which weapon type should I use?
  • The weapon you will be most effective with is the one you feel most comfortable with. Weapon types have different strengths and weaknesses, but also completely different strategies, so explore around and try to find one that's as aggressive, methodical, quick, or defensive as you want to play. The weapon previews above should help
  • Why are my attacks bouncing off of the monster?
  • Weapon sharpness is a damage multiplier that naturally goes down as you attack a monster, usually from green to yellow, orange, and the red. When you strike a monster with a dulled weapon you can bounce depending on the body part, which will in turn deplete twice the sharpness of a regular hit. Similarly, when you strike a monster with a melee weapon you'll see some blood and dust come out. The larger the blood effect and dust cloud, the more damage that body part takes (heavier hitting attacks also influence this). Aim for those vulnerabilities, and avoid parts that regularly bounce a sharpened weapon.
  • Why can't I have nice things?
  • A big part of Monster Hunter is gathering and crafting. Check your crafting list or add a weapon to your wishlist to keep track of the materials you need to gather out in the world.
  • Where'd the monster go?
  • Before entering combat and after a certain combination of time elapsed and damage taken, monsters will roam from area to area. You can gather tracks and traces highlighted by your scoutflies to stay on its tail, or just run to its favored area of the environment once you've become familiar with the particular creature.
  • What is the monster doing?
  • Monsters have a variety of behaviors including; periodically becoming enraged to deal more damage & attack more often/quickly, limping at low health, panting at low stamina, a chance to flinch out of their attack or movement when taking damage, a chance to fall into a downed state when taking damage to its legs, becoming sleepy/paralyzed/poisoned after enough hits by a weapon or ammo type with that status effect, and leaving tracks in unique ways.
  • What am I supposed to be doing?
  • Assigned quests unlock new monsters and areas. They must be played solo past any story scenes before they are unlocked for multiplayer. Reading NPC dialogue will also explain a lot, like in many JRPGs.
  • When is World out on PC?

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