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Monster Hunter World x Elgato Stream Deck collaboration – unofficial and made by me

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Monster Hunter World x Elgato Stream Deck collaboration - unofficial and made by me

Little introduction. Yesterday I put photo of my newest stream deck profile that I created for Monster Hunter World. Some people got interested in how I did that so I though about sharing it here. Enjoy. 🙂

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Screenshot of layout in stream deck

So I'm playing MHW on PC on the controller – I generally like how comfy playing is on controller but had a lot of problems with the item list – looking for stuff was too slow and I was always messing up choosing anything in radial menu. It was the idea of one of my viewers and I decided to give it a shot. Now I will give you a mini manual how you can do this yourself. 🙂

First of all – you have to have your stream deck software turn on as Admin, because without it game will totally ignore it. On the internet you can find a way to make it startup with OS as Admin, but I was not happy with the results, so I just restart software when I want to play MHW.

Before we can start preparing stream deck itself, you have of course prepare game itself.

These are my loadouts. Of course you can do it the every way you want, I'm showing you this just to explain the idea itself. Sets with "in hell" or "in ice" are just the same sets with additional Cool or Hot drinks. You want to have this things as similar to each other as its possible to make using stream deck profile also as easy as possible. Not all this things are going to be on profile so you always can add something more – you will still just need to look for it on item list, so better choose something you don't need to use in rush.

Next and most important thing is to prepare radial menu!


These are my radial menu settings. You probably can already notice the pattern. 😉 Again – you can do this any way you want. Headquarters menu is same with just removed things that are not available there – thanks to that you still can use a big part of this profile no matter if you are in the mission or not. All item loadouts have the same radial menu, the only difference is in case of "in hell" and "in ice" – different drink is at the same spot, depend of what you have with you. I'm not using all shortcuts for a really trivial reason – not enough buttons on stream deck. 😅

That's all about game configuration. The only additional thing you need from game are icons. The easiest way is just to print screen them in game and cut them out. Stream Deck buttons have 72x72px sizes and icons cut from game are 68x68px so perfect. I resized them to 288×288 (my default button size project) and boosted them a bit with Photoshop and Lightroom (clarity FTW!). Stream deck saturation is not the best, so it's good idea to boost this a bit also. In my case you can additionally notice 2 strange icons – the one with white squares is just link to my other profiles, and the one with green dots – I made them myself, trying to stylise it as much as possible – these are scoutflies for next page and going back. 🙂 Oh and remember putting Hot/Cold drink on the same slot in radial menu? Now we need just one button for that in stream deck! If you don't need anything more than I have take this – these are the icons I'm using. They may not look the best in this size, but you can see yourself in first picture – on stream deck they are looking perfect. 😉

Now stream deck configuration. In fact – this is going to be the fastes part. ;D Every one of these buttons is just a Multi Action with two Hotkey action inside. For example – to use Mega Health Potion in my radial menu – you have to click F1 and 1. Or for Capture net you need to click F4 and 3. So one action is hotkey F1/F4 another is hotkey 1/3 (no need for delay between them).

And that's it! Thanks to the fact that game has no problems with changing controllers on the go you just need to put stream deck in reach of your hands. In rare occasions you will probably need to click some things twice, like Mega Health Potion if you do some other action in the middle of taking it.

Hope you liked that manual. 💙 If you have some other ideas what to put there, I would love to hear it! I was for example thinking bout fast-crafting items like Mega Health Potions if you have enough stuff in backpack and it didn't autocrafted for some reason – but not enough buttons on stream deck/shortcuts in game for all this stuff. 😅

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