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Monster Hunter Worlds Endgame Problems (Tempered Investigations)

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Hey guys, so after playing about 400 hours of MHW, I became very aware of a couple of issues with monster hunter worlds endgame, that I think should and could be addressed without too much hassle on capcoms side and would make the games endgame grind ALOT more enjoyable. To make it clear, I personally view the farming of tempered investigations for decorations and streamstones as Monster Hunter Worlds endgame, although ofcourse there are more things to do, this is what I will be focussing on for this thread.

Problem Nr.1: Not every Monster has a tempered form

-Why? There is literally no reason not to have every monster in the game as a tempered version. Excluding monsters from the endgame like this makes the not very big roster even smaller, so what is the point of this? Because Kulu, Tzitzi, Jagras, Girros and Dodogama are too much of a pushover? Then just make the tempered versions more buff (more speed, health and atk power). And what about Xeno? Yes, it's not the best MH fight ever, but I'm at a point where I'll take anything if it adds diversity. I mean even friggin Deviljho did NOT get a tempered version for tempered investigations, only in an event quest his tempered version is available. Effectively tempered Jho did not increase the roster of monsters I fight, because he is excluded from the "endgame" by not having a temp version for investigations.

Solution: Make every monster available as a tempered version.

Problem Nr.2: Not all monsters (Tier 1) are worth farming.

-If you are farming for the best decorations & streamstones, all you will do are Tier 2 and Tier 3 tempered investigations, you will not do a single Tier 1 investigation anymore. Maybe you'll fight a monster that is included in a HR 30+ mission, that is a tier 1, but mostly you will just ignore those quests, because they don't have a chance at giving the rewards you want. I haven't fought a Paolumu, an Anjanath or a Electrosquirrel in AGES, because outside of making some gear, there is NO reason to fight them.


Solution: Make beefed up version of Tier 1 monsters, so they become Tier 2 or Tier 3 and add to the diversity of monsters you can fight.

Problem Nr.3: The distribution of tempered quests between monsters is uneven, aka the "Vaal Hazak Effect"

-I don't think I have to explain this to anyone, who has been farming investigations, we all know the distribution isn't equal among the monsters present in the game. This is a HUGE problem, because once again it means the already relatively small roster, is artificially made smaller once again. I can not express how TIRED I am of fighting tempered Vaal Hazak, but getting a tempered Nergigante or Kirin is HARD, really HARD and when I am farming I often have the choice between doing a 4 slot Hazak or a 2 slot Teostra or Kushala. I am at a point where I often ignore the rewards flat out and just fight whatever, because I need diversity, but this is a problem and it's such an easy fix.

Solution: Distribute tempered investigations equally among the available monsters.

TLDR: 3 Main Problems make tempered investigation grinding much less fun, than it could be

  • 1: Not all monsters have tempered versions
  • 2: Not all tempered monsters are worth farming
  • 3: Investigations aren't distributed equally among monsters aka the "Vaal Hazak Effect"

All of the above make the monster roster that is available for meaningful endgame grind much smaller than it could be for no apparent reason and that sucks the fun out of the endgame by having to do the same monsters over and over again with very little variation.

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