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A unique weekly segment to introduce the Monsters of Capcom's game to newcomers and vets alike!

Week 5: Namielle

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An Elder Dragon said to be able to command water and use it as a shield. Though very few sightings have ever been reported, they mention 'exploding water' and 'bright glowing lights.' Its existence remains shrouded in mystery..

Namielle in MHW

Namielle are new Water and Lightning Based Elder Dragons that resemble a Manta Ray. They have a sleek and flowing appearance, but their water attacks can be deadly when paired with their powerful lightning storm. Hunters should make good use of Brightmoss to get rid of the puddles and dehydrate the monster if they hope to survive when it enrages.

Namielle Combat Info

  • Weak to Fire and Dragon damage.
  • Its attacks leave watery puddles that will then channel lightning when it discharges. Namielle is quick and agile, and her "supernova" is extremely dangerous
  • The Head, and front legs are the weakspots, and they can be broken for improved rewards (you can cut off its tail too!)
  • Will let out a distinct roar and leap upwards, its center surging with glowing electricity. It will then slam into the ground, causing a “supernova” effect. A small arc of lightning will deal a bit of damage, then a massive shockwave will cause every puddle in the area to explode. Namielle will then leave, drained of all water and scales a beige color. This attack is one of the fastest “elder specials”, and can easily take out a hunter. The dive move is recommended to dodge, as areas such as the nest can be completely filled with puddles, making normal dodging ineffective.

Namielle Loot & Gear

  • Players can obtain many drops from this monster, including the coveted Namielle Fellwing. Make sure to break Namielle's wings for a higher chance!

Namielle armor has a sleek deep blue look that hunters can sport * The (h is Master Rank armor fashioned after this monster.The armor grants a special bonus Skill called "Namielle Divinity"; which adds "Free Element/Ammo Up" when continuously attacking a monster. * The Namielle Beta + Armor Set is Master Rank armor fashioned after this monster. This version of the set has less base skills, but adds the same bonus for 2 pieces and has better decoration slots.


Namielle Weapons

There are many weapons for Namielle, and they are rarity 11 and 12. Namielle weapons inflict Water damage and have generally white sharpness.

Have more Namielle info to share? Videos, questions and everything welcome in the comments!

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