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Monster Mondays: Raging Brachydios Edition!

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Monster Mondays: Raging Brachydios Edition!

Welcome to Monster Mondays!

A unique weekly segment to introduce the Monsters of Capcom's game to newcomers and vets alike!

Week 20: Raging Brachydios

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Raging+Brachydios - Monster Mondays: Raging Brachydios Edition!

Raging Brachydios Page on the MHW wiki

A Brachydios variant that is much larger than the normal species. The slime on its body will activate over time and detonate.

Raging Brachydios in MHW

Raging Brachydios are ferocious and aggressive Brute Wyverns that benefit from enhanced stamina to apply their explosive slime. Raging Brachydios has a similar move set to a regular Brachydios But it has a large amount of variations to its normal moves that can easily catch players off guard, it also has moves exclusive to the variant itself including locking down the volcanic region for the final battle phase and its own unique super move, also many moves from the normal Brachydios are further enhanced by the Raging Brachydios variant with the chance of an explosion going off after the attack has made impact to a player, monster, object, ground etc doing much more damage than normal

Raging Brachydios Combat Info

  • Weak to mainly Ice damage, resistant to Thunder and Blast.
  • Recommended Skills: Blast Resistance, Health Boost, Tremor Resistance, Earplugs, Tool Maintenance, Ice Attack, Evade Distance, Evade Window
  • Best Specialized Tools: Fireproof Mantle, Temporal Mantle, Evasion Mantle
  • Be Warned: You won't be able to use traps when this monster locks down the Volcanic region in Guiding Lands! But you can use pitfall and shock traps on the areas before however Raging Brachydios is not a capturable monster .
  • When the monster begins to glow red especially its arms it is a warning sign that its next attacks could cause an explosions Attacking the arms when it glows red can stop its next arm attacks from causing explosions when it hits a player.

Raging Brachydios Loot & Gear

  • Players can obtain many drops from this monster, including the rare Immortal Reactor, obtained from breaking the head or carving the monster's tail.

Raging Brachydios armor has a dark and stylized look. * The Raging Brachy Alpha + Armor Set is Master Rank armor fashioned after this monster.The armor has the special bonus Skills: Agitator Might Secret (increases limit for Agitator) and Artillery Secret (increases limit for Artillery) * The Raging Brachy Beta + Armor Set is Master Rank armor fashioned after this monster. This version of the set has the same bonus, less base skills, but has better decoration slots.

Raging Brachydios Weapons

Raging Brachydios weapons are rare 12 and have generally white / purple sharpness. Raging Brachydios weapons inflict mostly Blast damage.

Have more Raging Brachydios info to share? Videos, questions and everything welcome in the comments!

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