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Monster Mondays: Velkhana Edition!

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Monster Mondays: Velkhana Edition!

Week 4: Velkhana

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Velkhana - Monster Mondays: Velkhana Edition!

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An elder dragon with the power to freeze all in its path. According to ancient legend, it can freely control the cold, and unleash an ice storm.

Velkhana in MHW

Velkhana are powerful ice-based Elder Dragons introduced with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Velkhana are agile, delicate and deadly, attacking with ice element and their deadly sharp tails. Hunters should prepare for this fight with ice resistance, hot drink, iceblight resistace and nulberries.

Velkhana Combat Info

  • Weak to Fire and Blast, somewhat weak to Thunder and Dragon.
  • Its sharp tail attacks nearby hunters with deadly efficiency. It's best to roll out of such targetted attacks.
  • The Head, wings and tail are the weakspots, and they can be broken for improved rewards
  • Velkhana is at its most vulnerable when not coated in ice. Make good use of the ice pillars it leaves behind to attempt to mount the monster and gain the upper hand!

Velkhana Loot & Gear

  • Players can obtain many drops from this monster, including the coveted Pure Dragon Blood. Make sure to cut and carve its tail to obtain Velkhana Lash!

Velkhana armors are some of the most iconic looks of Iceborne and are often seen in multiplayer. * The (h is Master Rank armor fashioned after this monster.The armor grants a special bonus Skill called "Velkhana Divinity"; which adds "Frostcraft". * The Velkhana Beta + Armor Set is Master Rank armor fashioned after this monster. This version of the set has less base skills, but adds the same bonus for 2 pieces and has better decoration slots.

Velkhana Weapons

There are many weapons for Velkhana, and they are rarity 11 and above. Velkhana weapons inflict Ice damage and have generally purple sharpness.


Have more Velkhana info to share? Videos, questions and everything welcome in the comments!

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