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Monsters I feel bad for hunting.

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Monsters I feel bad for hunting.

Was recently farming tempered investigations and observed some behavior from the monsters and dragons that kinda made me wonder if we were the baddies.

I’m starting off:

Nergigante: Arguably the most intimidating Elder Dragon in all the games (IMO second only to Crimson Fatalis) is actually one of the most peaceful monsters in the game. He is fairly near sighted and won’t aggro from a distance, though even if you are in his line of sight, it takes a good while until he feels the need to attack, I was in front of him for a solid 6 seconds and all he did was stare at me before turning away. His non-aggressive animations are very cute too, such as grooming himself like a dog by gnawing on his paws before rolling around or his sleep animations.

Dodogamma: Is anyone surprised? This is one of the, if not the only truly passive monster in the game and pays no attention to your actions. Oh and uh, by the way, he munches rocks in his sleep if he sleeps while having them in his mouth.

Teostra: Completely unlike his bitch of a wife, Teostra is extremely passive if he is laying down. Teostra, from what I can tell, WILL NEVER attack if he is laying down, you can be right in front of him and he will not react to you at all (I actually have a screenshot of my hunter chilling with Teostra). Overall, he’s a good kitty and someone should give him some fresh chicken to enjoy for his polite attitude.

Kulu Ya Ku: I was actually caught off guard when I was assigned to hunt him after he was spotted scavenging an abandoned camp. Kulu is very passive and quite cowardly, if just one lone hunter stumbling upon Kulu sends him packing, I don’t know how I am supposed to think he has the balls to raid an entire camp which I would assume has someone protecting it 24/7. Kulu IS a coward more than a peaceful birb and will feast exclusively on the defenseless eggs of other monsters which is definitely not very noble but he is an animal so, whatever.

Xeno’Jiiva: This thing is literally an infant (I argue this because it hardly knew how to walk after it was discovered and has to learn how to use its powers during the fight). I really felt like a dick when killing it and I really feel like the admiral, as opposed to wanting to kill a possible last of its kind, should have used this as the perfect opportunity to pacify an Elder Dragon (yes, I know, gameplay and all that, it needs to be killed and I have no issues with that. Also, this is assuming Xeno is capable of some basic form of imprinting) and study one safely without too big of a risk of researcher injury (again, assuming Xeno has a basic instinctual social capability).


Zorah Magdaros: This poor guy just wanted to die in peace. Who can blame him for not wanting to die in a literal dump full of rotting corpses and dung? I know it was necessary but damn, couldn’t we just have discovered what signal was luring him and used a counter signal?

Duramburos: This guy is likely the one to thank for as to why settlements don’t get over run by a massive pack of healthy monsters (until Rise at least). This lad just munches on trees, creating clearings for roadways and camps, and scares off any monster dumb enough to not pounce on his back. Duram is a sweet fellow and doesn’t deserve having the skin flayed off his tail bone.

Fatalis: Caught you off guard haven’t I? Let’s look at just what this thing does… 1. Stays at an abandoned castle. 2. Literally, that’s all he does. Now of course Fatalis (Though more likely, White Fatalis) destroyed an entire kingdom but this same kingdom was damn near driving everything extinct and leaving the earth barren of the dragons that likely allow ecosystems to form in the beginning. Fatalis does absolutely nothing, all of the death he causes is from dumbass hunters who go charging in with a pointy stick at it, if humans just left Fatalis be, it probably wouldn’t be that big of a threat and would likely continue resting in the abandoned kingdoms. Also… Come on… Is it THAT scary? He just looks at you with his dopey ass face and licks his mouth because his poor teeth likely are dried out all the time and irritated by dust from not being covered by nice moist lips. The only crime he committed was not letting Schrade wipe out Kirin, Kushala and Lunastra before wiping them off the face of the Earth.

Well, that’s all. Are there any monsters you feel bad for killing?

Also sorry about typos if you see any, I have big thumbs and my iphone doesn’t like that very much at all.

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