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MonsterHunterWorld6 - Monsters Master Rank version discussion

What are your hopes for Master-rank version of the monsters we know? How would you make them more interesting? How would you make them harder? Feel free to share your idea.

I’ll omit the obvious and regular HP, attack and defence boost that happened with every past G-rank, also before starting I want to clarify that every attack that I may suggest can be avoided by just rolling through it at the last second. Also keep in mind that it basically is a G-rank so monster should be harder to deal with and not just by simple stat modifications.


I think that for him they just need to take the Greatest Jagras, remove tremors and roars and it’s done. But personally I’d give it a nice twist… it is a pack-leader, so let it be one, let it summon lot of Jagras helping him in the battle (similar to Leshen’s but of course not as tanky as those).


A bigger rock for the bird but I also think they should give it the ability to steal and USE items. If it steals a potion it will cure itself, if it steal a drug it will boost itself, if it steals a flash-bomb it will be able to throw it and stun you, if it steals a sonic bomb it will use it to make you flinch. If it is poisoned it will always steal an antidote if you have one.


A problem of Pukei-Pukei is that we usually kill him before he can do interesting stuff… Let it start with the tail already filled and make sure it will immediatly go to eat to fill its mouth as well; it should have deadly poison of course, also the poison he spits on the ground should remain there for some time, still able to poison you but with a lesser toxin.


Basically GenU G-rank Barroth but with harder mud-armor, using water pods would be the best way to deal with that mud.


I think it has one of the most unused potential to be honest, especially considering where we fight it, so I’m gonna go wild on this though I know that it’s almost impossible devs may think about doing these stuff.

First of all the less mud-armor it has and the faster it should become. If it is on land it should use the old Lavasioth U-turn charge; if it reach 60% of HP it will allways go in its swamp.

Once in the swamp it should be able to create waves with its movements, I think there should be two kind of waves… a small and common one created by moving the head or tail able to just inflict waterblight; the other is a true attack, Jyura moves the entire body creating a way bigger wave that deals lot of water damages and creates mud at the end of the range.

Last and probably the most unrealistic one, I’d like it to pick a Gajau in its mouth, throw it into the air, hitting it mid-air with its tail sending it right to the hunter, 100% stun hit but low damage, once the hunter is stunned Jyura will allways go near him and do the hipcheck for which Piscine are known for. I think it’s kinda sad that Jho is the only monster with the ability to use other monsters to its favor.

Alternatively, another similar idea would be adding its young ones as little minions (imagine them as Giggi or Zamite or Blangos), some of them would be able to pin down the hunter letting him exposed to the hipcheck.


First of all more HP than usual, it is really frail and that’s its main problem afterall. It should be able to charge up while moving and attacking, maybe giving it a discharge AOE attack around itself as well.


Basically G-rank Rathian from Gen but she can also free herself from the waterfall sands traps if her wings aren’t broken.

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First of all shorter idle animations(they are really long right now), perhaps making the fire mode permanent once it reaches 35% of HP. Another idea I had would be giving its flame the ability to stay on the ground for some time and deal damages… basically nerfed Lunastra’s fire.


Maybe one new claw attack and I’d say let it use 3 flash in row in 3 different directions to make the evasion of its flash way harder (let’s be honest, now it’s more of an opening for damage rather than an attack to us). Then I think It should be able to reflect the flash bombs we may throw at it, last but not least it should be able to prepare its flash while moving and fighting (similar to G-rank Gypceros).


This is hard, except new generic melee moves I think they should focus more on the wind, I’d like it to active the toads in the area and using its wings and wind to move the dust right to us … similarly to how Chameleos can move its poison fog.

Great Girros:

Similarly to G.Jagras, it should be able to summon many Girros but also really buff them with its roar, of course some new clawfans attacks. In addition they should be able to inflict the Effluvium with their claws.


The less armor it has and the more it should become faster; I also think that while it has the bone armor and rolls around, it should left behind a trail of little pointy bones that deal few damages when you walk on them… these bones alongside those that it throws at you should be able to inflict bleeding; also wider sleep gas.



Another hard pick… I’d say more focus on the ice, more icy-wind attack patterns, maybe also letting it covering its belly with a frail but effective ice armor when enraged.


At 40% HP it should allways enter its glowing mode and remaining so untill it dies; except new claw attacks, I think they should give it the possibility to inflict Effluvium with its mouth.


MHGU G-rank Rathalos basically, though I’ll give it the ability to free himself from the waterfall in Ancient Forest if its wings aren’t broken.


Litteraly G-rank Diablos from Gen.


AT Kirin + one or two new lightnings attack patterns, also once near death and in Legiana’s nest they should give it the ability to teleport right behind any hunter in the area and be ready to summon a big lightning.


This is the hardest, I don’t truly know how to improve it without totally change it… the best thing I can think of is taking AT Zorah as the base but making the place where we fight it random between 2 or 3 locations and maybe making the Elder on its back random too (Nergi, Teo or Kushala ). Also while we are on the barrier it should always aim its fireballa at us, dealing damages to the barrier as well.

Pink Rathian:

What I said with Rathian before but with more tail combos, she shouldn’t fall down if flashed in mid-air… unless one of her wing is broken.


It should eat the mining spots… blue crystals should give its attacks a blast and stun attribute, red crystals should give fire and blast attribute. Then maybe a new underground attack and pin.


G-rank Gen Jho, they should give it its old hunger back so it is more willing to eat meats. It should take in its mouth larger monsters (Barroth,Pukei, Paolumu) and smaller to throw as well (Gastodon, Kestodon, Apceros, Gajau, Wingdrakes, ecc…).


Let its bombs become not just motion-activated but also able to explode after some time (similarly to Brachy’s slime). Then I’ll guess some new melee attacks especially with its really big wings.

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Don’t let it spawn in its nest but rather in one of the adiacent areas. It should get G-rank Gen Lavasioth moves and re-work the lava-armor mechanics… if an armor piece is broken, such part should become a weak spot as if it was a costantly heated up armor part.


Faster gas, way more tanky chin, Crystalbeard G-rank moveset without treasure rocks.

Azure Rathalos:

What I said before with Rathalos but also more focus on claw attacks rather than fire, also it shouldn’t be able to fall while in mid-air untill at least one wing is broken.

Black Diablos:

What I said about Diablos but immunity to flash, dung and sonic bombs during rage. Faster charge, 3 U-turn charges (when tired she may fall over at the end of the last one). When enraged it should destroy traps by just going onto them unless it’s near death.


It would definetly be based in whatever AT Nergigante is meant to be. Its main skill is regeneration… so it should be able to heal while alone (similar to Behemoth); spikes should grow faster, the black ones should inflict bleeding. Maybe one or two new slam attacks.


AT Teo but way faster and wider supernova, new fire breath patterns so that staying right in its face would be a great hazard.


AT Lunastra but wider supernova, new claw attacks maybe.


AT Kushala basically but the old black tornado should be back, from 50%HP it should be able to release all the toxins out of its body (that Frontier move basically… it isn’t OP and it would kinda give sense to its strange resistance to poison).

Vaal Hazak:

AT Vaal but let it also fly, not so high though… few inches, a decent portion of the tail should allways touch the ground leaving behind a trail of Effluvium. While up there it should be able to spit Effluvium or attacking with tail or claws (similar to Kushala). Also I think that when it goes to its nest Vaal should be able to summon effluvied Girros and Raphinos.


AT Xeno but wider lasers (only the normal ones, not those fast ones) and more physical attacks with its claws. At 30% HP it should receive another additional rage mode with increased speed, power and perhaps a new “final” explosion move, maybe pulling both arms in the ground.

I don’t truly have ideas for Kulve, Behemoth and both Leshens, except new generic moves or additional phases; I’m not even that sure they would come back, especially the collab ones, Kulve can just easily be replaced by a subspecies.

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