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MonsterHunterWorld4 - Mounting values

Before I show you the mounting data which I've collected here are some notes:

(1) All data was collected during single player.

(2) I got the exact numbers from HelloWorld's overlay mod which you can find here:

(3) Currently neither kulve quest nor any AT quest is available to me so I didn't got any data for them.

(4) Mounting damage does not decay.

(5) Tempered monsters seem to get 50 % increased mount values (I only tested a handful of monsters).

The regular mounting damage any weapon will do with their air attack is 55 except the insect glaive.

The IG does 30 damage with the regular unbuffed air attack. The unbuffed helicopter attack does 5 mounting damage. If you get the red buff the air attack will do 15 mounting damage per hit while the final hit of the helicopter attack will do 10 mounting damage. All hits inbetween the helicopter will do no extra mounting damage.

Besides the glaive the GS and SnS are noteworthy. The SnS helm breaker will do a whooping 25 mounting damage per hit which is insane. The fully charge GS air attack will do 100 mounting damage.

Here are the mount values I compiled for some of the monsters:

Monster Initial mount value Tolerance increase after every mounnt
Behemoth 100 150
Kirin 65 110
All other elder dragons 50 100
Jho and Bazel 50 100
Blos family 65 110
Rath family 40 70
Great Jagras 30 50

Here's an example how to read this table: Let's assume you fight against tempered Nergigante with a lance. To get the first mount you need to do 50 * 1,5 = 75 mount damage (50 % more of the initial value from the table because we fight the tempered version). So you do 2 juming attacks for a total of 55 * 2 = 110 mounting damage which is enough to meet the 75 threshold. After the mount we need 100 * 1,5 = 150 more mounting damage because nergi did build a tolerance like with any other status. So the next mount will need 75 + 150 = 225 mounting damage.

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Note that the exceeded mounting damage we did (110 mounting damage – 75 initial threshold = 35 exceeded mounting damage) does not carry over. After every mount it resets back to zero mounting damage.

Edit: Added a table to show all the mount bonus skills and how they interact with each other.

Skill/Mantel used Mounting Bonus
Glider Mantle 20 %
Master Mounter (MM) 20 %
Feyline Rider 25 %
MM + Rider 40 %
Mantle + MM 44 %
Mantle + Rider 45 %
All three 45 %

It's interesting that Gilder Mantle and Feyline Rider do stack additive while Glieder Mantle and Master Mounter do stack multiplicative. Master Mounter and Rider do give for whatever reason only 40 %. It seems hard coded that both together give a flat 40 % instead of stacking additive or multiplicative together. Stacking all three sadly didn't gave an insanly huge bonus.

Little side note: If the calculated mounting damage is not an integer it will round to the nearest integer.

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