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Moving from Generations/World to Ultimate (identity crisis)

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So, after a hiatus from MH from back when Generations had come out, I picked up World and remembered how much I love MH. With my addiction in full force, I just grabbed Ultimate and imported my 3DS game save….but I’m totally overwhelmed. I have piles of equipment, more talismans than I want to count, and remember precisely zero about what I should be doing between hunts.

My imported save was at HR7, so I’m guessing I have some quests to knock out before unlocking G-rank (which is after HR8 I believe?). I did the urgent in the soaratorium as a starter, but I’m pretty much at a loss as to how I should proceed. I’ve never moved between normal releases and G releases before, so I’m curious how people usually approach the game after an extended break. Should I start up a new save just to go through the tutorials again and re-learn everything about farming/palicoes/melding? Or should I just start with the highest rank quests I have unlocked and figure stuff out as I go? I’m a LS user, but was thinking of picking up SnS as the oils seem interesting, and I thought maybe starting from scratch would be a good way to learn a new weapon.

As far as weapons go – is there anywhere in-game to view the various upgrade paths like World has? Or am I better off looking up a wiki to see what branches are best for me?

Sorry for all the rambling questions – was just really excited to jump back into “old-school” monster hunter and now I’m reminded just how complex some of the mechanics are and I’m not sure what the best way to go about re-learning everything is.

TLDR; just jumped back into non-world MH with an imported save and not sure where to start

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any feedback!

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