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As a fledgling HR 29 HH hunter, I now have the #FirstWorldProblem of having too many possible horns to choose from. Many thanks to Chia_Pete_FTW and his Horny Hunter's Guide to effective Fluffing (, sadly, I do not have all the top tiers HH yet.

So, thanks to and a quiet afternoon at home, i was able to build a spreadsheet of the various horns and a spreadsheet of the best various horns / monsters. Can't put them on a cloud yet, however, but I'll do as soon as I can…

Here's what I noticed:

1/ There are more than 80 HH to build.

If you do not count the sub-levels (eg Fortissimo 1, Fortissimo 2), that still leave you with 50. If you only look at the fully upgraded HH (FUHH), there are still 23-ish FUHH to build, in 6 trees: Metal, Bone, Elder Dragon 1, Elder Dragon 2, Pickles and Lunastra.

And the KT one, but I did not see it on the wiki (and is it a tree if it's alone? If a hunter doots alone in the forest, does it make a sound?).

2/ Similarly, there are 47 song effects (not counting Encores). If you clean it up to identifiy the various boost effects (ie Attack Up (S) and Attack Up (L) are 1 boost -> Attack Up, Health Recovery (S) + Antidote are 2 boosts in one song – Health Recovery and Antidote), the list shortens to 29 unique boosts. That is still a lot.

All horns, of course, have self-improvement so that you can run faster/bounce lesser.

3/ Horns can give from 4 to 8 unique boosts:

  • 13 Horns give 4 unique boosts
  • 13 Horns give 5 unique boosts
  • 18 Horns give 6 unique boosts
  • 3 Horns give 7 unique boosts
  • 2 Horns give 8 unique boosts

These last 2 being the Dragonbone Auldhorn and the Blacksteel Dragonhorn. These are the only ones to provide "Paralysis negated", "Tremors negated", "Dragon Res Boost" and, strangely enough, "Water Res Boost". Of the 2, Auldhorn is clearly the best, and Blacksteel will disappear while being upgraded to Teostra's Tiple.

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Incidentally, Blacksteel is the only horn were upgrading means foregoing that particular set of songs.

4/ Finally, if you look at the songsets/boostsets, there are "only" 17 different ones. 14 if you look at the FUHH (the 3 missing songsets have upgraded versions in the FUHH, with 1 additional boost). So, some horns share the same songsets.

5/ Some boosts are "linked"; you can't have one without the other (but not always the other way around).

  • Abnormal Status Atk. Increased & All Ailments Negated, both on the Teostra's Tiple/Orphée
  • If you've got Affinity Up, you've got Earplugs (L), thanks to Nergigante's Nergal Groove/Desolation Overture
  • All Wind Pressure Negated (Looking at you Kushala Daora)? Meet Defense Up, Stamina Use Reduced aaaand maybe Ice Res Boost
  • Health Boost? You'll always have Attack Up, Defense Up and Wind pressure resistance.
  • Paralysis negated / Tremors negated, Dragon Res Boost / Water Res Boost. Have some Elemental Attack boost too !
  • Earplugs. If S, you also get Scoutfly Power Up. If L, Health Recovery 5 times out of 6
  • Environmental damage negation? Get some earplugs, Attack Up, Scoutfly Power Up and Muck Resistance. 2 lines of HH: Aqua Bagpipe&Water Tamtam or Bone Horn (base, Hard, heavy)
  • Fire Res Boost? You'll do sleep damage
  • Antidote? Defense Up, Stamina use Reduced and Wind pressure resistance
  • Ice Res boost ? 2 choices, Valkyrie Line or Vespoid Line. Sonic Waves, Stamina use reduced, Defense up (and quickly All Wind Pressure)
  • Recovery Speed gets Health Recovery too
  • Stamina Use Reduced -> Defense up

6/ Some songsets are just plain strange:

  • All Melody effects extended for the Empress Roar is strange as the horn only has Attack Up and Knockback negated to extend. You might need another Horn Hunter with you… If it works. Or change your gear mid-hunt. If it works.
  • The only Thunder Res Boost horns are Thunder-damage aligned. And monsters who use Thunder are thunder resistant…
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