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My 100% blind experience with Monster Hunter World

MonsterHunterWorld7 - My 100% blind experience with Monster Hunter World

So I've been interested in this series I guess, I played the PSP game for a few hours but I lost it, I've tried emulating the games but it was pretty ugly and laggy so I just decided that I would maybe play one of the games one day.
I didn't actually know there was a game on PC until recently I decided to try it to finally see what this series was all about.
I launch the game, and by that I mean I stare at a black screen for 3 minutes thinking there was a problem with the game, fortunately I finally see the Capcom logo after painful minutes.
I hit New Game, and first thing I see is a fancy character creator, I, of course, spent half an hour making the perfect character.
Cutscenes, cutscenes, blablabla, crash landing etc…
I finally enter the gameplay scenes in the lava island thing that looks like the fucking lava sector from the Code Lyoko Wii game (very few people will understand this), I proceed to attempt to climb, still figuring out if I can jump or not and then the part where you literally grapple to a monster's claws to fly away made me laugh because that's the kind of stuff I'd expect to see in a movie with Nicolas Cage.
When getting to the other island, I tried to punch those dinos things but it didn't work smh bad game, everything goes well until oh god oh fuck jurassic park time, anyways, more exploration later, I get to the New World and at this exact moment I heard my computer say "man i just cant do this please stop", but that did not stop me, I quickly go over weapons and see the obvious choice, I like guns, I like bows, so of COURSE I took the bowgun !
Finally time to kill some stuff, kill 7 Jagras, that didn't seem to hard, and indeed the only hard thing was to figure out how to play with a keyboard + mouse seriously have the devs ever touched a keyboard in their entire life or did they program the game using a virtual keyboard and a 360 controller?
After all this fighting, I thought of doing a more relaxing quest, and I saw this thing called "Fungal Flexin' in the Ancient Forest", collect 20 gourmet mushrooms…Well that obviously didn't see hard, just a relaxing time 🙂
I still wasn't used to the controls so I'm just trying to collect everything I see, after 5 minutes I finally see some mushrooms, I collect them and the number doesn't go up, what's wrong?Wait…they're the wrong type of mushroom it's fine I've got time to explore.
I enter a cave and see a bunch of Jagras, I kill them quite fast and I realize that I can open the map and SEE STUFF, whoaaa big news for me, I check out the map, not understand 90% of what's written and then I hear a faint stomp stomp
Eh, who cares and OH GOD OH FUCK WHATS THIS 16 FEET TALL THING COMING FOR ME (it was a Great Jagras), after a 15 minutes long fight where I realized how to switch from item to item, I finally kill this fucker and loot it, such a good feeling.
I continue to explore for a good 15 minutes and I see a small pond of water with some huge fish things in it, so naturally, I wonder "Can I kill it?", I only do 1 or 2 damage per shot on this thing but I sure was gonna kill it eventually, until I saw a message…
"10 minutes left!"
…There's…A time limit?
Now get this, there's 10 minutes left, I'm trying to kill a fish and I've still got no mushroom, so naturally I wanted to pause to cheat and google the location of those mushrooms except I realized that YOU CANNOT PAUSE IN THIS GAME.
So I still Alt Tab and open chrome, but before I'm able to complete my search…
stomp stomp
stomp stomp STOMP STOMP
holy fucking shit what
"5 minutes left !"
I get poisoned by this motherfucker but managed to flee off to safety, I open my map in desperation and I realize that the little ? things on the map are actually for mushrooms, plants, and minerals…
So this was how you're supposed to find them huh?
"Time's up!"



TL;DR : I didn't find the mushrooms.

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