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My best effort to explain Alatreon’s Elemental mechanics. I genuinely want you guys to succeed like I have.

MonsterHunterWorld2 - My best effort to explain Alatreon's Elemental mechanics. I genuinely want you guys to succeed like I have.

Three forms: Ice, Fire, Dragon. He will start the hunt in either Fire or Ice form. For the special assignment and the Evening Star Event, he will start in Fire form. For the Dawn of the Death Star Event, he will start in Ice form.

Fire is weakest to Ice, second weak to Water, and immune to Fire.

Ice is weakest to Fire, second weak to Thunder, and immune to Ice.

Dragon is more moderate across the board, but Dragon outdoes the other Elements here.

Which Element you should bring? I recommend Ice versus the Fire starting Alatreons and Fire against the Ice starting Alatreons. If you manage him well, he should only spend the last moments of the hunt, if any moments at all, in the phase that's immune to your Element, and even then you can still murder the guy cause he has good Raw hitzones.

His phases flow like this if you don't intervene:


So Dragon is an intermediary between the two opposing Elemental forms. He will use Escaton Judgement when he shifts from Dragon to either of the other forms.

Okay, so the big question, how do we survive Escaton Judgement, right? Well, there's one last thing we gotta know about his forms before we talk about that. While he's in Dragon form, that's the only time you can break his Horns. If you break one of his Horns, it will make him change back to his original Element instead of the opposing Element after he uses Escaton Judgement. So the form sequence can look like this:

Fire-Dragon-Horn Break-Judgement-Fire-Dragon-Horn Break-Judgement-Fire-Dragon

See how it never touches Ice form for this entire sequence? That's why i think you can use an Ice weapon on him the whole hunt and have it be optimal.

Now, to actually talk about Escaton Judgement: it has several power levels, but before Alatreon uses it, when it's in either the Opposing Element or the Dragon forms, you can deal any form of Elemental damage to 'suppress' Alatreon and weaken the power level. Any Elemental damage will work, but obviously the biggest weaknesses of the two Opposing Element forms are the most efficient way to suppress it. Any Element can suppress the Dragon form, so if he makes it to that form without being suppressed, you're still in the fight, keep it up! You will know that you have weakened Escaton Judgement when Alatreon's aura pops, he staggers and topples similarly to Velkhana when you break its Ice, drops a shiny, and the NPCs say you're "containing its power". In my hunts I'm usually able to do this once per Judgement, but I have done it twice for one Judgement one time, it was pretty hard ngl, I didn't even know it was possible until I did.


If Escaton Judgement hasn't been weakened at all, I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna cart you, no force on this planet that I know of will save you from it. However, if Escaton Judgement has been weakened even once, it's survivable. I have Health Boost 3, granted, but I can use a well timed Mega Potion from full HP (no outside factors are helping me besides Health Boost 3) or a more lazily timed Max Potion to survive the Judgement. I estimate that this version of Judgement does somewhere around 250 damage (you have 150 HP with a good meal and 200 with a good meal plus Health Boost 3) If Escaton Judgement has been weakened twice, it's actually quite easy to survive, it does about 150-170 damage in total at this level, so if you start at full HP a Mega Potion should save you no matter what. I'm gonna be honest tho, the most common Judgement will be the version that's been weakened once, and that version can very well cart if you mistime your heals or don't have Health Boost. If you wanna be certain it won't kill you, pack Health Boost 3 and save your Max Potions or Jerky for it, do that or have your entire squad stack Health Boosters and spam Powders.

If somehow you're not able to suppress Alatreon even one time before it uses Escaton Judgement, I don't know what to say other than you're not dealing enough Elemental damage and you need to go back to the drawing board either for your build or for how well you're fighting Alatreon's normal moveset.

I know that a lot of you guys love the slower weapons like Hammer and GS that typically scale with Raw way better than Element, I know, and I honestly feel for you guys right now I really do. You might have to kit and play your weapon a totally different way or try a new weapon entirely. And I've also heard that the thresholds to suppress Alatreon might actually be completely insane in Multiplayer. I'm not sure, I haven't tried it in Multiplayer myself, I've only soloed it. (oh yeah, Alatreon scales like normal monsters, he's not like Safi Jiiva that's always Multiplayer scaled)

If you're wondering what set I used, it's a Master's Touch/Agi Secret build but I use a Kjarr SnS and kitted it for Element Attack 6, maxed Agitator, maxed Crit Eye, Crit Boost, and WEX, and maxed Health Boost. You can't gem much else into the build, unfortunately. My record is 17 minutes, 30 seconds. Usually closer to 20 but this is the hunt where I went absolutely insane and suppressed one Judgement twice. Even when I take like 20 minutes I can still kill it before it spends more than a couple minutes in the Form that resists my Element. The 17:30 record was also against the Event Alatreon that starts in Ice instead of Fire.

Anyway, that's all I got to say. I really hope that you guys get this bastard sooner or later, because he totally kicked my ass the first couple of hunts too. Good luck out there, guys, I wholeheartedly believe you can put him down just like I did.

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